Computer Language Of The Forgotten

Computer language in broad Terms



In this article and using the term computer language and the use thereof is to represent all computer devices as it relates to the functionality and build . Also included are any items that hook up to any given computer device ( Software , USB , WI/FI antenna or otherwise and hardware ) .

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Coding Binary To Babel

Babel and Coding

Babel and coding seem like an odd mix for those whom know the term Babel and for those whom may not have caught on yet I am referring to ( The Tower of Babel ) straight out of the Bible . Before you think here we go another faith based conversion article I would like to say stop right there . In this article I will not mention my beliefs but try to represent a few facts we can all agree upon .

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Permafrost Melting Concerns

Permafrost the odd melt Down


Permafrost melt down

This odd permafrost meltdown is set to affect all of us eventually if it has not already .


As winter approaches some might think it is odd to bring up the subject of permafrost melting . But even though it is getting colder it dose not appear to be getting cold enough long enough to stop the most needed permafrost . So why should we be concerned with the permafrost meltdown ?

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Cyber Attack With Hacking Or Hunting In Mind

Cyber attack DDOS

Cyber ddos attack or hunting

Cyber ddos attacks are nothing new and will happen again .

Well I am sure everyone has heard about the biggest cyber attack that has happened either by being denied access to the NET or some service there in .
As the supposed attack swung threw the east coast bounced up to the west coast round a bouts Cali and then run a muck to the northern states .
You might start to think CYBER was running in the presidential race and that was the campaign ( HUMOR ) .
By no means am I saying it is over for as I last heard as I right this the attacks are still ongoing and are quit common although not to this extent .

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Quality Control Testing To No Testing

What is quality Control through Testing

Quality control is one of the things Americans prided themselves on for years while making there products . Strong durable and tested items knowing ware the breakable points were to the point of actually stating the estimated life span of a said product . So one must have to ask themselves what has happened to quality control and how could it be brought back ? It dose not take a physicist or those with a high end PHD in marketing to see the values that have been placed in others hands . American made products these days dose not in most cases mean this but means ( Assembled ) in America .

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Secure Safe Online Security

Being secure while OnLine


secure passwords rendered useless with chameleon

Secure passwords can be an eggshell platform as some hackers ware the chameleon hat of all colors .


OnLine security what dose it really mean ? Could we possibly be being lead onto an eggshell platform or is there more to it ? There is one thing for sure in the midst of OnLine security there is more than one fold . Some may be thinking well I have no reason to consider security because I only own one device or I am not a business man or women and I grab every security update . Well maybe this is true or maybe it is not in any event in the currant state of things it appears the eggshell platform of security is the best we can hope for . Back in the day most worried about a virus and many systems became infected until there virus scanner was updated to remove such a variant . Here is what the common person did not know about and some may still not know about today . Hacking , Hackers are a diverse group of people as well as the term meaning different things to different groups of said people .

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Ocean Rip Currents To Offshore Drilling

Ocean rip currents


The ocean a place of wonderment and joyful play and good times along the beach side fronts . A place to dream build castles play Frisbee and do a little surfing viewing the high tides to the low tides .
Coveted by some and made to be some the most pricey peaces of real estate in the world . But our oceans are much more than that and one can only stand at awe to the pristine beauty to which is the ocean whether you are a land lover , sailor , surfer or fisherman . From the north pole to the south and as far from the east to the west cold or hot beauty is at hand in Gods great masterpiece .


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Green Fuel Two Fossil Fuel Marketing

Fuel is a highly used word and term whether it is dealing with Green energy or fossil fuels .
But the parameter of the word dose not stop there . Here is a little experiment you can try it wont hurt or cause adverse effects . First take a deep breath and try too clear your mind of all thoughts once this is achieved close your eyes and think of one word ( fuel ) . Then open your eyes and write down everything you may have thought about . Keep in mind we are all different and the term ( fuel ) will mean different things to some or may mean the same to others . Also we should keep in mind the word ( fuel ) I would think could be swayed do to geographical areas . The point is from how I see it the word ( fuel ) it is a highly suggestive marketing term but is only a small part that creates the marketing value .

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Nanotube To Nano Whiskers

Should we Nanotube

Should we Nano tube is a good question in itself ? But to be totally honest in some cases we have already begun the process . There is a lot of controversy concerning nano technology from whom actually made the discovery to the possible harmful effects . The nano technology has been used in sports equipment as well as marine paints because of the strengthening qualities . Also nano technology has made it into the medical field for reinforcing bone structure for healing .

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Algorithm And Your Atmosphere

What is a Algorithm ?

An algorithm in the most simplest set of terms is a set of instruction set into place to complete an action . That is right you make a list for little Johnny to go to the store to get ( milk , eggs and bread ) this is an algorithm . In computer terms things can quickly get out of hand and more complex because usually the essence of speed is at hand . The rings of complexity come into play wen you add the factors ( speed + accuracy = money ) . If you think of a self check out register at a store this is what you might come up with in this algorithm ( – one employees wage + speed + accuracy = profit ) (more money ) .

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