DEFCON Secrets Past And Present

Secrets you need to know before going to DEFCON



DEFCON 2016 soon approaches and is scheduled for August . If your not familiar with DEFCON it is a Hackers convention for all colored hats but before you get all excited and think your off to save the world ( think Again ) . After all think about it ( Edward Snowden ) did not seek asylum in Russia for nothing and the same goes for the head of ( WIKI Leaks ) hopefully I got that right . Do not get me wrong there are a lot of good things that come out of DEFCON but none the less do not be foolish .

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Mobile To Device Hacking

Mobile hacking is no different than any other Device



Mobile hacking is know different than any other device except the size of the audience . I could start out showing graphs to prove this point but the mobile device is one of those things that clearly speaks for itself . Soon we will have the pure essence of the 5G network bringing those left behind using landlines into compliance and an end to landlines . This will bring even a larger audience and everyones eggs will be in one basket whether they like it or not . In this advancing technological world sometimes you have to look back to see where we have been to actually see where we are heading . Looking past the profound terror of the day that purifies the surveillance of the day with justification whether legal or not .

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5G Network Upgrade For All America

5G biggest network upgrade of the Century

So how could this be we have been using 4G and before that 3G so what is the big deal ? Well good question . The first thing we should think of ( sort of the cream of the crop ) is the major overhaul that is about to take place in America while jumping into the 5G upgrade . First think of older folks or relatives whom still use landlines or for that matter maybe your own business that still use landlines for fax machines and or transactions .


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Electric Cars Business And Hack

Electric Cars are they here to Stay



The concept of the Electric vehicle has been considered off and on threw out the centuries and the concept had been shot down for one reason or another . The pure essence of the IDEA was shot down by the educators of aerodynamics saying something like ( The formulated body of a vehicle verses wind drag extracts so much energy making the electric car unfeasible ) .

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European Union British Break Away

Who Is To Be effected by European Union British Break

Sure enough as my jaw dropped and my chair spun around and my face was smashed against my monitor and still both eyebrows had room to be lifted at the news of the EU British separation .
I found myself at a lack of knowledge but having a heighten concern for friends and family members living both in the UK as well as France . And not forgetting family and friends whom have high investments within the UK as well as the rest of the European community . So why should you care and yes I said ( YOU ) because you the reader are the important one here ?

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Business Is It Still A Dogie Eat Dogie World

Business And The Competitor



In the business world it can be tough always struggling to be on top and being the best you can be .
Even I as write this I find myself in this similar atmosphere trying to think of new innovative ways to make my articles popular as I compete with a half a billion other writers ( the struggle is real ) .
If for example you open a sandwich shop selling a specialty sandwich your competing store are sure to try and mimic your money maker .
But this article is not about me or the sandwich maker but it is about the Big Dogs .

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3 D Printers Where Are They Going

3 D printers where have they been

3 – D printers have been around now for quit a few years .
There was a push to bring the 3 – D printer into every home in order to shake the manufacturing companies by there boot straps allowing any tool or part to made via three D printer .
Also allowing new Ideas to come fourth with more security .

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Ubuntu 1604 Newest Release Caution

Ubuntu 1604 Excitement

One of the biggest face lifts for Ubuntu making it sleeker and more friendly interface-able to the common user making it much more inviting . Utilizing the GNOME interface for software updates and APPS suggesting the retirement of the original Ubuntu software center for some .

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Block User From Facebook Group Without Join


Block User That you Have removed within your admin Facebook Paige


Today a question came up in FB Group Admin Help ( a Facebook group for all group admins to share info on how to help their groups ). This group has been very helpful to me for admin related questions so if you have questions about Facebook Groups and administrating them please check them out .

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Africa Rising To America

Africa Rising

What dose this mean and how are they rising and are they alone ? These are all good questions and if we look at the world as a whole the questions can be simply answered . But first we must do some back pedaling so as to see some of the key points as to why I am writing this particular article . After siting threw numerous amounts of time through the international journalist conference I came across some interesting key points . Before I get to these key points just whom is with Africa in there midst of there rising and what is the rising about ?


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