Ocean Rip Currents To Offshore Drilling

Ocean rip currents


The ocean a place of wonderment and joyful play and good times along the beach side fronts . A place to dream build castles play Frisbee and do a little surfing viewing the high tides to the low tides .
Coveted by some and made to be some the most pricey peaces of real estate in the world . But our oceans are much more than that and one can only stand at awe to the pristine beauty to which is the ocean whether you are a land lover , sailor , surfer or fisherman . From the north pole to the south and as far from the east to the west cold or hot beauty is at hand in Gods great masterpiece .


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Green Fuel Two Fossil Fuel Marketing

Fuel is a highly used word and term whether it is dealing with Green energy or fossil fuels .
But the parameter of the word dose not stop there . Here is a little experiment you can try it wont hurt or cause adverse effects . First take a deep breath and try too clear your mind of all thoughts once this is achieved close your eyes and think of one word ( fuel ) . Then open your eyes and write down everything you may have thought about . Keep in mind we are all different and the term ( fuel ) will mean different things to some or may mean the same to others . Also we should keep in mind the word ( fuel ) I would think could be swayed do to geographical areas . The point is from how I see it the word ( fuel ) it is a highly suggestive marketing term but is only a small part that creates the marketing value .

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Nanotube To Nano Whiskers

Should we Nanotube

Should we Nano tube is a good question in itself ? But to be totally honest in some cases we have already begun the process . There is a lot of controversy concerning nano technology from whom actually made the discovery to the possible harmful effects . The nano technology has been used in sports equipment as well as marine paints because of the strengthening qualities . Also nano technology has made it into the medical field for reinforcing bone structure for healing .

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Algorithm And Your Atmosphere

What is a Algorithm ?

An algorithm in the most simplest set of terms is a set of instruction set into place to complete an action . That is right you make a list for little Johnny to go to the store to get ( milk , eggs and bread ) this is an algorithm . In computer terms things can quickly get out of hand and more complex because usually the essence of speed is at hand . The rings of complexity come into play wen you add the factors ( speed + accuracy = money ) . If you think of a self check out register at a store this is what you might come up with in this algorithm ( – one employees wage + speed + accuracy = profit ) (more money ) .

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Mail Once Only Delivered By Man Or Woman

Once upon a time Mail a simple letter was delivered by hand within a perspective amount of privacy intended . Many fines and or criminal charges were placed for those whom interfered with the postal mail but the delivers of such mail were willing to risk life or limb just to deliver such items ( rain or shine ) . But now even though the essential postal service still exists the digital age barks at there heals .

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EMP War How Close Are We Really

EMP war once considered only possible with a Nuclear Warhead

Electric Magnetic Pulse once only considered possible to be delivered in a nuclear warhead has now entered low grade weapons . Although many politicians still to this day squawk much about nuclear devastation just to get there point across well knowing that EMP armaments is the real threat of the century . I could go on to explain the devastation and effects EMP can and will cause but that has already been done multiple times . Electric Magnetic Devices can be hand held or delivered threw bombing from missiles or put in place and triggered from afar . So exactly whom has the EMP Technology well that is a good question ?

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DEFCON Secrets Past And Present

Secrets you need to know before going to DEFCON



DEFCON 2016 soon approaches and is scheduled for August . If your not familiar with DEFCON it is a Hackers convention for all colored hats but before you get all excited and think your off to save the world ( think Again ) . After all think about it ( Edward Snowden ) did not seek asylum in Russia for nothing and the same goes for the head of ( WIKI Leaks ) hopefully I got that right . Do not get me wrong there are a lot of good things that come out of DEFCON but none the less do not be foolish .

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Mobile To Device Hacking

Mobile hacking is no different than any other Device



Mobile hacking is know different than any other device except the size of the audience . I could start out showing graphs to prove this point but the mobile device is one of those things that clearly speaks for itself . Soon we will have the pure essence of the 5G network bringing those left behind using landlines into compliance and an end to landlines . This will bring even a larger audience and everyones eggs will be in one basket whether they like it or not . In this advancing technological world sometimes you have to look back to see where we have been to actually see where we are heading . Looking past the profound terror of the day that purifies the surveillance of the day with justification whether legal or not .

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5G Network Upgrade For All America

5G biggest network upgrade of the Century

So how could this be we have been using 4G and before that 3G so what is the big deal ? Well good question . The first thing we should think of ( sort of the cream of the crop ) is the major overhaul that is about to take place in America while jumping into the 5G upgrade . First think of older folks or relatives whom still use landlines or for that matter maybe your own business that still use landlines for fax machines and or transactions .


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Electric Cars Business And Hack

Electric Cars are they here to Stay



The concept of the Electric vehicle has been considered off and on threw out the centuries and the concept had been shot down for one reason or another . The pure essence of the IDEA was shot down by the educators of aerodynamics saying something like ( The formulated body of a vehicle verses wind drag extracts so much energy making the electric car unfeasible ) .

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