Youtube auto-play

What is Google Up To with Youtube auto-play?


Starting in 2014 or possibly earlier they had Ben working on an auto-play function that appears to be now within full swing although I have yet to catch the full scope of the new feature as I did with Facebook I am not far behind and will try to update as I know more of its pros and cons and functionality .

Heres what I Know

So far what I know is seeing the function operate via laptop it seems two work great with a quick close out button at the top in case you want to go in a different direction .
So of course I did a quick net search and found a Paige discussing the beginning testing grounds so without further delay straight out of the archives of techcrunch I give you the testing ground .
And I also ran across a site explaining how two disable the youtube auto-play so without further delay straight out of the archives of lifehack I give youtube auto-play disabling .
And for a break down on how two get your videos up to speed with the auto-play functionality I give this nice video explaining the embedding that must be done two make it all happen .

The Happenings

The most controversial gaming , criticism , crying and bullying .
Thats right let me tell you how it went down as far as me seeing this .
One day I was typing my normal search to go two youtube and I noticed a site claiming second spot two youtube and me as a pondering sort I wanted to see what was up with the second ranking Paige just below the youtube Paige .
I do not know anyone involved here and have never read the particular critic write ups but what I did find very interesting was the concerns of censorship and the bully-ship possibly orchestrated by a lower end gaming company and the values portrayed about the copyright issues and the beautifully put together video about copyright issues concerning youtube policies .
A definite must see take a look Paige whether it is for a good ribbing or the seriousness of the issue .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of kotaku i give you the DISPUTE .

In Conclusion

Copyright issues are nothing to trifle with and knowing musicians , bands , professional photographers , booking agents and actors I know first hand the struggles each one posses financially and otherwise they all struggle hard .
I know Critics as well and they struggle just as hard and no matter how harsh they may seem at times there something good in what there saying so the best thing is to take what is good and restructure .

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