Windows 10 Monitor Issues

Windows 10 and windows in General

Windows has been around for quit some time as we all know and at one point embedded its OS all across the Globe . But along the way had incurred some fashionable and not so fashionable dilemmas some of which incurred do to business practices of the like . Then there seemed to be a brisk of fresh air or even a notation of freshly cut grass with all the new handshaking that was ongoing .

Windows 10 monitor issue

Who knows whom is responsible for the windows 10 multi monitor issue your guise is as good as mine .

Well a lot of you maybe be thinking what are you talking about my monitor is working just fine . If you are a hard core Gamer or run a company that runs multi monitors and upgraded to windows 10 you may have noticed your multi monitor function is not working at all or has other issues . There are many rushing to fix this dilemma because as we all know in the business world time is money and in gaming time could mean rep and money .

Windows 10 multi monitor Fix

windows 10 monitor issue

Companies have been left in a scrambled egg effect in this windows 10 debacle

Whether your using two monitors or three it dose not appear to be a quick fix that fits all at this point .
So whom is to blame for this was it inadequate testing from Microsoft or was there other problematic issues at hand like the Hardware and Software wars that are ongoing ( your guise is as good as mine ) .
The totally for sure thing is it is a driver issue there are some choices available some will work and some wont . From what I know right now it is dependent on graphic cards and the vendor thereof although if your into gaming some sites have already come up with a driver fix . On the business side things it can get a little stickier and what I mean by this is most businesses utilizing more than one monitor are doing so with a multi garden of systems that do different functions . Leaving each one independent on a particular graphics card and the drivers that run them for the multipurpose function leaving companies in a scrambled egg conundrum . Hear is a quick couple of things you can try to get up an multi monitoring again but proceed at your own risk .
1 ) Roll back the driver ( this has done it for some )
2 ) Check with the Graphic card vendor
3 ) If your a gamer utilizing Steam or of the like ( they may have a quick fix available )
In the prosperous minutes of looking for this fix do not forget to give your monitors proper approval to operate lest you become blindsided and miss something that actually works . Also keep in mind it never hurts to communicate with Microsoft either in a forum or in a troubleshooting aspect but something tells me if it were that easy the problem would not exist . For further reading and other alternatives that I may not have mentioned please see the fallowing link . Straight out of the archives of drivethelife I give you WINDOWS 10 FIX DISPLAY . Also I am including these next two videos that may help in getting you or your company up and running again .







In Conclusion

Whether you want to point your finger at Microsoft or lean towards the hardware software wars the bottom line is to get you back to a functional state . Boosting your gaming capabilities or enhancing your moves to entrepreneurship or moving your multi million dollar corporation you own or work for back to its optimum point of revenue . Have a nice day while riding the wave of WINDOWS 10 MONITOR ISSUES I am out .

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