Who Are You Entrepreneur Or Not

Who are you and who you Were

Who you were and yes I said ( YOU ) . There is no doubt to this statement , we all come from the same place the mothers womb and as we approach the world we are usually kicking and screaming to some extent . At the start of growth we are given blocks and minor toys these beginning toys are given for development purposes .

who are you

who are you and who you were we all start at the same place the mothers womb


What parents and the once child you and me fall short of realizing there is something else so magical going on . There is no structure and in the midst of this none structured time our imaginations were able to run wild without a formulated comfort zones . As growth occurred so did the comfort zones ( cross your legs , sit up straight , eat with your fork ) sure enough none of these are bad . Then we are either slung into school or home schooled further being structured ( walk in a strait line , do your math this way , I have an idea keep it to your self we have plenty ) . I by no means am saying theses structures are bad but I am saying in the midst of theses comfort zone building blocks we in an essence losing the WHO ARE YOU factor and the capability to think out of the box . Breaking these comfort zones Is I believe an essential part in the roll of you and me becoming an Entrepreneur .

Who are you with your comfort Zone

who are you

who are you and who you were while remembering your dream baby you must do something you have never done leave your comfort zone

Each and every day people go to work constantly thinking another day the same old dollar some are happy ware there at and are making a good pay ( and that is great I am glad for you ) . Than there are those who drag threw the day hoping it will end soon just making enough to get buy and every ones get buy factor is different and controlled by the ( want factor and structured comfort zones ) . Look at yourself in the mirror and then sit in a chair close your eyes take a deep breath clear your mind ( access memory node from memory bank ) think back when you were a child ( who are you ) . There was that one moment and that one Idea it is not lost but it is just waiting to be let loose ( this is just not an American dream it is a GLOBAL dream no one can keep it from you but YOU ) . We must remember that we are all different ( Yes even if your a twin ) . So in this minor exercise that moment might not have happened until later on in life ( That is ware the focal point should be ) ( It is called your IDEA your DREAM BABY ) bring it out . Step out of your comfort zone bring out the who are you Entrepreneur within ( YOU ) .

Who are You Entrepreneur

who are you

who are you staying in your comfort zone grasp your dream baby and do not let go

So now that YOU realize the Entrepreneur lies within yourself the question is what are you and yes I said ( YOU ) going to do about it ? Even I myself step out of my comfort zone and for an example see my latest video below and if you like you can visit our play list YES that is right ( Redfeather from Grephaxs steps out of the comfort zone ) . This might seem like an extreme statement but I am not alone .




Discovering who is geared with these similar Ideas and goals in mind to bring the world as a global unit ( not to be confused with the NEW WORLD ORDER of governments ) to higher knowledge and income . Consider the next video some people who stepped out of there comfort zone are they Entrepreneurs maybe or maybe not ( musical contracts sometimes steals the soul ) . But there is evidence they could be an Entrepreneur ( in this Who are you environment ) .


Who are you Entrepreneur mind set Organizations

who are you

Who are you many people at Google step out of there comfort zone and they want others to do the same think out of the box

There are certain organizations that follow these mind sets placed fourth in this article to one degree or another .
1 ) Google ( Google now owns youtube and has many organized structures under there Alphabet )
2 ) Facebook
3 ) Ted Talks
4 ) Twitter
5 ) Linux
6 ) Free Software Foundation
7 ) IBM
There is more organizations that could or should be in this list if you know any please comment below . I have saved the best for last .
8 ) Universities and Colleges ( please see following link )
That is right Universities and colleges without further delay straight out of the archives of linkedin I give you Entrepreneurship a Career Option .

In Conclusion

I would like to start with my disclaimer . I nor any affiliate of Grephaxs are Doctors medically or mental although I myself was raised by a head nurse kind of like staying at a good motel but better . ( Pun ) This article is intended to bring out the real you and yes I said ( YOU ) you Entrepreneur – able person. Who are you to give up on your dream how dare you ?
Peace have a great day riding the wave of WHO ARE YOU ENTREPRENEUR .

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