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How are video progressed on Youtube


We here at grephaxs had progressed a long way in three years posting this article and that from current affairs to are main goals Technology and hacking .

With one of most popular articles on the Chromebook but we noticed grephaxs was missing a peace of the puzzle . During many meetings and discussions we discovered this puzzle peace was none other than our youtube presence . So there it was set in stone at the start of our third year progression we would attempt in building our youtube channel ( a bold move in the right direction ) .

Youtube video adventure Begins

Sure enough the question was where to begin I mean we all here at grephaxs had dealt with youtube in our personnel lives but we had to start somewhere . We all owned some of the necessary equipment to begin all owning smart phones and products ranging from Android to Apple and we can not forget the most important LINUX . So it was game on we set out to make the first experimental grephaxs Original video . The first video to hit our channel was a life hack video called move leaves on concrete please sit back and enjoy .



The second video was how to remove a tree stump although a bit longer than the 42 second life hack video none the less experimental still . Please sit back and enjoy our second video How to remove a tree stump .



Obviously there was some work to be done noting some of the words did not fit and the screen was in an awkward position giving it a smart phone upload look .

Third video and work Around

kdenlive video editor

Using Linux kdenlive is the video editor we use

The third video with a minor work around and the minor work around is all in how you hold your phone while recording . This really makes a big difference in appearance and around the same time we discovered the video editing tool called kdenlive . Kdenlive has enabled us to make many advancements in video editing and works well with youtube . If you would like to try kdenlive you can find it in your software center or visit the developers website here . Please sit back and enjoy our third still experimental video How to replace a chain saw blade Remington chain saw .




With the advancement with kdenlive it was like owe ya the games really on now .

Ongoing video Moves

vokoscreen video screen capturing

vokoscreen is a very good video capturing tool that allows you to capture your computer screen .

With the discovery of kdenlive and the ability to make title clips we set upon a minor add campaign for grephaxs as you notice in this next video Best USB dongle antenna for Linux so sit back and enjoy .



Then we decided to show what we were learning to do with kdenlive so we made an Original video of how to insert photos into a title clip . Please enjoy this next grephaxs Original on How to insert photos into a title clip using kdenlive .



But still we were missing something we were in this measure using a phone to record what we were doing on the comp . This made it quit difficult as you probably noticed then we discovered another neat program called vokoscreen . Vokoscreen is a screen capturing program that works with Linux and works seamlessly with kdenlive . If you would like to try vokoscreen you can download it from your software center or visit the developers site here .
Please enjoy this next video Screen capture vokoscreen out of the box .



Other video questions Arose

First at hand speed up or not to speed up second music or no music ? These are some very good questions and then of course if music is to be used what kind of music ? With all these new editing techniques and the time they take to be implemented and put in place it has given me a new respect for the most professional youtubers who take there time to do it right . Enjoy this next video where I add speed and music called HP PC teardown with a 5 year old .



This next video has speed up and music as well although the music is kinda hardcore it is called DIY How to make a purple tire swing .




But in any event there is still more to do and we plan to continue to advance our youtube channel as you may have notice we now have a more professional looking intro and out-tro video . This is called progression .

In Conclusion

There is still much to do and there are still many fantastic videos to come so please join us at are youtube channel become a subscriber . To do this you can watch one of our videos and click the subscribe button there or go to the top of grephaxs website and on the right side click the youtube button and once there click subscribe .
Each subscriber helps our cause to bringing the most amazing videos so far in the following categories .
1 ) Hacks
2 ) Unboxing & Reviews
3 ) Technology
4 ) DIY
5 ) Life Hack

I hope you have enjoyed and hope to see you as one of our subscribers .
Have a nice day riding the wave of grephaxs VIDEO YOUTUBE ADVANCEMENT .

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