Umbrella power with solar shadiness

Power of the Umbrella

The power of the umbrella remember the penguin had it while fighting batman and robin .
The power of the penguins umbrella was very strong but this power shade umbrella has 600 watts of power .

Now that it is almost summer time and everyone getting the tanning lotion out before it is to late and your stuck worrying about the kids think about last year .

Umbrella shade Power

That is right you got to the beach or your favorite swimming whole and everything was good until you reached for your phone .
Although you were getting some R&R your supposed to keep an eye on those important business ventures but the phone or device was dead .
As you turn to your better half two explain and just get a what ever with the disgruntled look .
And you hoof it back to the vehicle to plug in for after all time is money or so they say .
But those days are coming to an end my friend .

Power Shade Umbrella

Quick grab the kids the wife or significant other and check this out .
An Umbrella that packs a punch charging up to three devices while you bask in the sun and enjoy family time and casually monitor your business needs .
How dose it work well threw solar power of course but do not take my word for it come see for yourself the power shade .

In Conclusion

This year instead of the wife being upset because you worked from the car she will be happy and you will be in her arms and the kids will have an everlasting memory .
The power shade umbrella sounds like a great idea and if you did not happen to notice it is still in the kick starter stage .
Like always if you like to invest this looks like a good one to invest in .
Peace have a great day riding the power SHADE UMBRELLA I am out .

2 thoughts on “Umbrella power with solar shadiness

  1. Hi RedFeather,

    Great innovation for umbrella. Who would know that the simple umbrella can be this very useful in terms of technology. So how much is this?

    • After further looking into this product it did not meet the kick-starter goal .
      Because the goal was not met unfortunately as far as i could see it was terminated .
      Most of the time a kick-starter will restart with a new goal set .
      Try to keep in mind a a kick-starter or similar program if investing should never take anything from an investor until the goal is met .
      Be safe and have a nice day .
      thank you for inquiring .

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