Two Thousand Seventeen It Begins

What will two thousand seventeen Bring



As the new year begins many are wondering what will occur ? Where are the big dollars who will make them and how can you be part of the process ? These are all good questions for the new year especially if you are not following the road of Entrepreneurship for what ever reason .



Two thousand seventeen profit

Who will find success in Two Thousand Seventeen .


In this article we will touch upon a few industries which may be booming in the new year as well as some high end companies offering some top dollar jobs . Things to consider while looking into the top dollar job because if at this point if you qualify your knowledge base is well needed . Morality of the job and how other employees are treated can be big factors of ones own comfort zone . Once these things are determined ask yourself this question and keep the answer to yourself ( Are you all in or partially in how much of a company man or woman will you be ? ) .


Security two thousand Seventeen

Two thousand seventeen drone security

Two thousand seventeen drone security .
Smart home security .

Security is a big topic and will continue to be but the most hoopla has been given to IOT and smart homes . So who is thinking of cashing in and boosting there industry ? None other than the drone industry that is right drones . Drones programmed with your behavioral algorithm to take flight in the midst of abnormal behavior . This could pay off big time but I think the concept has a low leveling plateau depending on marketing but I could see pricing to be high . Please enjoy the next video on drone security straight out of the archives of RT .




Humanized AI two thousand Seventeen

Two thousand seventeen humanized AI

Two thousand seventeen may be the year for humanized AI .

Humanized AI is closer than you think . One can only feel it coming with the on-slot of the use of the formidable Bot to answer questions and handle clients . A bot is usually programmed with your algorithmic response and now some think the bot should answer your phone as well . Straight out of the archives of venturebeat I give you SPEECH BOTS TO ANSWER PHONES . We have all seen the oriental venture to bring AI robots into the food industry to wait tables but the next video takes it a step further .




Imagine this Humanized Technology tacking off but ware could it go ? There are concerns this type of advancement leans towards replacing most professionals from the bottom to the top .

Update Humanized AI two thousand seventeen

According to the next article the EU has plans to set rules for AI humanized robots this is to include but not limited to a kill switch just encase they act up in some harmful manor .
These emplacements could be structured in such a way that lets us know how we as humans should behave with AI giving rights ( if you will ) to robots in general .
Straight out of the archives of newatlas i give you ROBOT KILL SWITCH PERSONHOOD .

Two thousand seventeen toys and Musicians


Two thousand seventeen child tech cycle

Healthy tech savvy toys for two thousand seventeen .


Sure enough Vtech was my choice of the year end but than something caught my eye although not new but advanced for the new year . Most parents these days are thinking health and technology both imperative factors bringing the learning curb while exercising . Fisher Price has such a product straight out of the archives of newatlas I give you FISHER PRICE SMART CYCLE . Musicians and want to be musicians all is not lost for you the new portable piano bringing plenty of intuitive capabilities for your enhancement and learning curb . Straight out of the archives of newatlas I give you ROLAND GO KEYS PIANO BEGINNERS KEY BOARDS .

Jobs two thousand Seventeen

Two thousand seventeen jobs starting at 50 thousand a year

Are you ready to amp it up in two thousand seventeen with a new job ?

Are you looking ? The odd question is what point of time are you in and are you ready to amp it up take too a new level ? Sure enough you can flip burgers or remain under payed for your hard work or you can look for new opportunity . If your not making at least 50 thousand a year and feel you have the skill or think you should be making at least this much or better I just so happen to run into a place you could start looking . Straight out of the archives of buisnessinsider I give you COMPANIES HIRING HIGH PAYING JOBS 2017 .

Update jobs two thousand Seventeen

There seems to always be two sides of the coin or if you will a different angle or possible view point wen looking at things . Once the DATA is obtained sometimes it can paint a much bleaker outcome although there could be a correlation between these perspective layoffs and business purchases made .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of venturebeat i give you ROCKY YEAR AHEAD FOR TECH INDUSTRIES .
Mean while in the European sector not to say there any better off there but there were some high dollar acquisitions going on . Straight out of the archives of veturebeat i give you the TEN BIGGEST EUROPEAN TECH STORIES .

In Conclusion

This was a minor security update for two thousand seventeen I am sure there are more to come .
In looking into any Toy whether high tech or exercise be sure to check for safety and the best for the learning curb . Humanized AI both enticing and scary at the same time sure enough to chew at our own employment rate saving millions for some while leaving others poor and looking for work . Hopefully this will not be the case . Big jobs means big money and they can turn into big wants or further stability leading into the basis of entrepreneurship ( Good Investment means a solid future ) . Have a nice day riding the wave of TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN IT BEGINS I am out .

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