The switch to Linux/Ubuntu

Linux With Ubuntu

About three or four months ago I was given a dell laptop running Linux with Ubuntu installed my prior OS experiences were from windows 95 to windows XP as well as some mobile devices . So I did consider my self well into the woes and ways of the windows mainframe and had a bit of concern making such a transition but was willing to give it my best shot. Although the laptop had some issues for example the keyboard malfunctioned as well the wi/fi card was not functioning .

First I temporarily solved the keyboard problem by going into computer resources and bringing up the on board keyboard which was a bit tedious but work then after a bit purchased a Logitech wireless combo mk270 that worked great . In the mean time I was taking my time to learn Ubuntu as well research how to get my wi/fi card up and running . And of course I was like thank god for Google search and Ubuntu forums these are a big help. So I hardwired into into the web brought up terminal ( sudo apt get install b43­fwcutter ) and bingo I was up and sailing on the web via wi/fi .


In Conclusion


So I can truly say that my Ubuntu experience thus far has Ben great from a learned experience to a common surfing and knowledge gaining experience I would give 10s across the board so if your and old dog new dog and you haven’t got your Ubuntu shoes on yet come on put a pair on an take a jog with us or if you don’t like to jog bring the air tanks and dive in deep real deep Mr novices . So have a nice Ubuntuing day and surf it well cause the big ones here peace out .



I also Added a net-gear antenna but in order to do this you must have the broadcom WI/FI  drivers .
I had Ben using the antenna for some time now without a problem but than i noticed i was getting a freeze upon boot .
Once i unplugged the device waited 30 or so seconds i was good to go but then i noticed something else odd that had never happened before , my main WI/FI card was trying to connect to the same network i was already connected to .
To which led me to be-leave it developed do to some type of possible update security fix .



To solve this minor problem go to system settings go into networks click on your main WI/FI card and forget that network .
The only minor downfall to this would be for us backyard people who would not want to use there antenna in the house for what ever reason but that can be easily solved by going back into networks and selecting the proper network an wallah back in the game .


The new Conclusion

In any problem it is always best to use common sense and eliminate all the most obvious small points rather than making the assumption
its a big problem like software or corruption .
process of elimination start small than go big .
Hope your enjoying the Ubuntu wave peace I am out .

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