Tesla Technology on The Rise


Massachusetts Opening Arms To Tesla

Well its about time finally someone embracing this Technology .
This is one of the many ways in the beginning of rehabbing America and get the oil needle out of the arm .
I can feel it this company is big now but its gonna grow .
Massachusetts has decided to allow Tesla Motors to sell straight to the consumer .


Other Companies

The competition says it is not over yet with plains for a further rebuttal .
But really what is there problem they were all ready told they don’t have a leg to stand on .
So with ought further delay straight out of the archives RT I give you the Mass. Welcoming Tesla .







Elon Musk

The man in charge of Tesla motors wants to build a solar panel plant one of the largest of course in upstate New York .
Can I say jobs anyone American jobs for the American clean product .
But my hopes would be , it wouldn’t stop at solar panels but a all out solar product facility selling all kinds of solar products .
Elon Musk is the chairman of solar city which bought Silveo for 350 million dollars .
Silveo is another US solar company .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you Elon Musk the one that revamped Pay Pal .






In Conclusion

More American jobs thanks Elon Musk .
Finally someone taking the lead were it really counts from the electric car to the dang solar industry .
Hopefully this will bring us closer to getting away from the oil needle and stopping the death and destruction caused by the greedy oil mongers .
Search this site for ( fracking ) to learn more about the devastation caused you don’t want to miss out or be misinformed .
Have a great day surfing the Tesla wave I am gone .


Tesla Update


Recently while on Google+ I had noticed a public post put out by Tesla Motors and at that time noticing oddly they were not within any of my circles I then added them .
And immediately decided to check out there Google+ page .
And of course I ran across many interesting articles and conversations .
There has Ben a lot of upgrades from the Technical side two the Arkansas giga battery factory being built .
But I have decided to share with you a cool panoramic view of the Tesla outside of the printdeal
So straight out of the archives of panobirds I give you the cool view .


Calling All Veterans

Thats right calling all veterans , Imagine you have finished your hitch in the Army , Navy or Air force and you fell lost not able to find employment .
This can be a very tough thing to overcome but according to Tesla Motors there stepping up to the plate not only opening up thousands of jobs to Americans but with a special interest in hiring our American veterans .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of mercurynews I give you the mission to hire American Veterans .


The new Conclusion

I could go on for hours about the reasons Veterans have problems finding employment but instead at this time I would like to applaud Tesla Motors for there actions .
Peace I am gone .

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