Taming The Beast Can Be Daunting

No matter what the Beast Is


So what is your beast today , First consider the nature of the beast they come in many forms and varieties .

Not one beast is the same but once you have tamed your beast it is like yes I new there was more than one way to skin a cat ( the balance may remain with whats easier and what works for you ) .
The beast to tackle could be one of the day or one of everyday ( ongoing work ) .

My ongoing Beast

My ongoing Taming of the beast is to get people engaged and reading what I write but thats not the only beast I have tackled .
In the midst of my slowness in posting the learning and expansion here or there must go on in order to bring you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader engaged to some degree .
In tackling this feat it requires a lot of background and reputably qualifying it to write about .
But just like a lot of people grephaxs and affiliates are not afraid to get there hands dirty for example but not limited to .
1 ) Shed moving 101 ( Old School ) Technical equipment required .
A ) PVC Piping

B ) 3 and half ton jack

C ) Hack saw

D ) Two four wheel dollies
E ) Plenty of safety measures
I will be writing this how to article soon .

Old dogs beast Taming

This I guise is my fathers day rendition and possibly a belated mothers day topic to gift .
Many people these days are on the go , go , go mode but in the midst of there ( Go Mode ) have the time for the intermediate check into facebook or twitter or google .
They have Ben telling mom or dad two get connected your missing out but hey there old dogs whom know the old school way ( Face Two Face Phone Call ) something of that nature .
So lets say you get them to cave and they say OK I will do face book and you start to dance .
Hold on there little padawan instead of rushing over to there house and creating an account for them the old dogs may or may not need a few other 101 tools from the net for example but not limited to .
1 ) The tools to find answers ( Like Google , Youtube )
For the old dogs who know nothing this is the paramount place to start .
2 ) The inns and outs of ( What to do and what not to do )
Sure there is a lot more you can brush them up on but believe me when I tell you a formulated lesson plan will help in the long run when the honey moon of excitement is over .
This should minimize the how to calls and or give you the opportunity to send how to links .
This way you co not end up Taming a whole new beast .


In Conclusion

Taming the beast is never easy but as in my military training we had a saying ( never give up never surrender ) your dreams are important .
So what ever the beast tame that baby bring it home .
Whether it is taming a mustang or bringing in the consecutive dollar or teaching old dogs new tricks .
For those whom follow grephaxs on a regular basis here is some top secret information about grephaxs ( shshhh grephaxs and its affiliates are fixing to explode into the TECH world like never seen before ) so stay tuned do not miss out .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of TAMING THE BEAST I am out .

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