System Building From The Ground Up

System Building


System building can be a lot of fun but at the same time if you do not think about what your doing it can become quit the mess .
I remember back in the dial up days a young lady whom was going to college told me she was in a program to build her own system , my response to her at the time was make sure you put a big enough hard drive because if you do not have enough room you wont be able to get on-line .
Well of course the young lady did not listen and a two second on-line experience ( log on enter search then kicked off ) .
My point is here in building a system there is a lot to consider .

Systems and what you should Know


Wen building any given system considering your OS and how many OS es you want to run .
Some OS lock it down like Microsoft and not allowing to install other OS even though you own the system .
Beyond that you need to know about GPU , CPU and so fourth now I could ramble on about all these functional aspects but this has already Ben done and quit nicely and professionally .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of Amanda Blain I give you SYSTEM BUILDING .

System building and more


I know I know , hold on do not rush for that piggy bank or for that matter to the bank so quickly .
There is something else to consider now that I have your heart beating and wanting to join Amanda on the gaming field .
What do you really want ? Let me answer that for you the best right ?
Well then my friend if you want the best of AMD this nice little video will bring up to speed as two what they have cooking enjoy .


In Conclusion

Excuse me let me wipe my chin AMD left me drooling all over myself I mean the Quantum OMG.
I just wanna take a moment to say do not wait on your new system to follow or game play with Amanda Blain she is top notch for real .
But if you can not afford the Quantum some of the other AMD products are quit affordable so have fun building your system.
Peace have a great day riding the AMD and AMANDA BLAIN wave I am out .

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