Survival Flashlight

During an Emergency

You never know wen you will find your self in the position were you need light whether you break down on the highway or your just out hiking and camping to the extreme state or national disaster.

Solar Flashlight

As of late I ran across a website sporting a Solar Flashlight designed for all types of activities .
This baby uses solar micro cells and how much light this actually emits I am not sure but my guise is just enough to get by .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gamengadgets I give you the solar flashlight .

My Survival Flashlight

Do not get me wrong the solar flashlight is a great concept but in my travels I have Ben in areas were the sun didn’t shine for weeks so something a little more creative was needed .

Hand-cranked Flashlight

As you can see in this first photo the flashlight is prepared to fit comfortably within any hand and with a few cranks you are ready to go and it is long lasting .
It has never failed me .

Crank able hand held flashlight

Hand held crank able flashlight


In this next photo you can see how the crank pops conveniently out of the flashlight for easy use .

crank able flashlight showing crank

crank able flashlight showing crank

Led Lights

Thats right you LED lovers this baby sports two led lights just enough the job done what ever it may be .
The next two photos gives you a glimpse with the lights off then on .

Led lights off on crank able flashlight

led lights on crank able flash light off

Survival flashlight showing LED on

Survival flashlight showing LED on

In Conclusion

Survival is something most don’t think about until the shiks hits the fan but to be honest its always good to be prepared .
And just for a side note ( in certain parts of the country you can find glow in the dark roots ) a most natural form of light straight out of the archives of mother nature but of course that is for a whole other article .
I hope you have enjoyed peace I am out .

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