Smart Phones

Phones ( DESIGNATED ) Smart


Smart Phones ( or are they ) I guess it all depends what levity of intelligence you consider smart .
But these days most people carry the so called ( smart phone ) whether it be an android , I phone or possibly a windows phone .

What is a Smart Phone

My definition of a smart phone is as follows :
A computer that is able to fit in your pocket .
Built as the ( Fast Food ) style Tech device and built to bridge the gap between the old and young and two those whom for what ever reason had never touched a computer and or Technical device .

If your New or Old two the Smart Phone

If your new or old to the smart phone or you have Ben utilizing a smarty pants phone for a while knowing it is a computer should have raised your eyebrow .
Especially wen you realize security is Essential .
Or maybe you have Ben so busy you haven’t had the time to look into all the security measures needed but you are quit savvy .

Phone Security

Like with any device IE ( Computer Orientated ) Security starts with getting your device whether it is a phone or not to behave the way you want it too .
Sometimes depending on what security measures you use can Inhibit behavior so of course it is up to you and yes I said ( YOU ) to decide the security implementation you need for you are the security officer of your device .

Getting Started on Phone Security

So if your looking for some quick security Essentials for your smart phone I found the perfect place two start .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag whether your savvy or not I give you the Essentials of Smart Phone Security .

In Conclusion

Like I said you are your own security officer so it is your decision on the amount of security you place on your phone and its behavior .
Maybe you choose none or your a big wig making constant transactions or your one of those moms or dads who are confident enough to hand your child your ( stupid ) smart phone .
If this is the case security should be your first measure .
Peace have a great day surfing the smart phone wave I am out .


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