Smart Phone Turns Into Instant Polaroid

Polaroid Instant Camera

I remember back in the day wen the Polaroid camera came about .
As a mater of fact I still have photos taken by the miraculous camera .
One click and out popped a beautiful family photo or what ever eventful moment you were involved in .
Polaroid instant cameras took off so well I think almost everyone I knew had one it was like a household item .

Prynt Case

A company called Prynt has developed a print case that attaches to any smart phone .
So one click or drop to your photo archive on your phone and thirty seconds later a beautiful photo.

Video In The Picture

Thats right folks you read it right , Prynt has discovered a way to put a video into any picture so wen you hand someone the photo and they point there smart phone at the picture a video auto plays .
The video could be related to the photo or something totally random .


Prynt is a French start up company but this start up company is different than I have ever seen before .
Many times in my previous articles I have mentioned crowdfunding or kickstarter programs in order to get an Idea or someones dream started .
Well Prynt has yet to start there kickstarter , first they went with a company called ( HAXLR8R ) .
Was this a wise move for Prynt I mean obviously HAXLR8R requires there peace of the pie and at this time I am unsure how that all pans out .
The one things for sure after a quick review of HAXLR8R there site appears to offer an experience of a lifetime and I my self gained knowledge just visiting there Paige .
And they have a mentors section and I noticed one of there mentors being none other than Bunnie Haung himself .
They state once they start there kickstarter they will offer there printer case for a mere 99 dollars .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of Techchrunch I give you the smart phone turns into an instant Polaroid camera .

In Conclusion

Wow this seems to be an awesome peace of Technology and I think it will go far .
The video spectrum within a picture just brings so many things into play for example but not limited to enhancing birthdays , anniversary , Christmas .
The list is just endless .
Peace have a great day surfing the Prynt wave I am out .

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