Selfie The New Technique


What A Girl Wants

Well apparently Sony nows , with its new kw1 .
Thats right folks if your dream girl loves taking those selfies Sony has pick it up a notch with the perfume look alike spray camera equip with wi/fi functionality .



Bring Out The agent 99 In Her

Thats right folks with this look alike spray perfume bottle no one will ever know she is taking selfies or other photos surrounding her bring her to an agent 99 status ( you remember agent 99 from get smart ) .
For a mere price of $ 1,200.00 dollars , this baby comes loaded with functionality and a stand for hands free and a countdown software capability .
So without further delay I give you the new selfie technique straight out of the archives of gizmag .




In Conclusion

So if you just want to take the selfie or the common surrounding photos but don’t want to feel intimidated this Sony perfume look alike appears to be the ticket .
With plenty of nice photo editing functions and rotate capabilities you just cant go wrong .
Although they neglected to mention how the device is powered or how it is recharged .
But any who have a great day selfieing and photo editing peace I am gone .


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