Salad Bar of Hacks


Tech Hacks

Thats right I have Ben poking around looking the goodies in the tech world , well while this site is not quit the krem of lakrem its still cool whether the hacks work are the question ?
I did note a few favorites which are 1 ) ear bud 3 ) selfies although unsure of . 8 ) hair clip thats cool 12 ) hangers assume 14 ) real cool I have seen the video on this one .
But without further delay straight out of the archives of buzzfeed I give you the low tech hacks .



Tell Us

Which is your favorite hack whether it be from buzzfeed or your favorite poking around site .




In Conclusion

These are silly interesting hacks some serious and some manly and some for the female but all carry great strengths and know how .
Know how to what you ask ( THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX ) ?
Any who in my personnel opinion and maybe I am throwing a bone to someone but I think someone needs to develop a site dedicated to tech myth busting .
Well have a nice tech surfing day peace I be out .


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