Radeon Graphics Card With Developers In Mind

AMD radeon new graphics Card


The R 90 380X seems pretty impressive coming stocked with plenty of goodies . Upping the anti on tweaking the graphics card once it is installed .
Sure enough giving the gamer the control to bring there game to a whole new level allowing you to set each game to have there set profiles .


Radeon R9 380X beefing up the PC like never before seen

The Radeon R90 380X starts out at $229 but also has an over clocked version at $239 Dollars seems a bit pricey until you here of all the goodies .
To get started check out this video .


AMD Radeon is throwing in Extras


Radeon AMD is throwing in plenty of extras for tweaking


That is right and by extras I do not mean bloat ware there throwing in a liquid VR system for developers with all the how to instructions .
Bring the state of VR building and gaming in to the hands of the common person .
So if you thought PC gaming was a thing of the past think again my friend .
AMD is boasting the capabilities for windows 10 and all the big hitting games .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of AMD I give you the new RADEON R90 380X .

AMD Radeon VR Liquid Technology


AMD Radeon is bringing in the VR Liquid to get the developers hands wet and submerged in to the real essence of PC gaming and graphics

This seems to be a great advancement placing the VR Liquid Technology in the hands of developers and the common person .
It brings the capabilities for developers to make enhancements as well a way to find new developers that have not yet found there passion .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of AMD I give you the VR LIQUID TECHNOLOGY FOR DEVELOPERS with step by step instructions .
So here is a video talking about the introduction of this Radeon product during E-3 .



But wait what about just going Quantum with AMD with a little water cooled functionality and the VR application .
After watching this next video it sure puts the which way do go factor that Gourge is asked so many times . ( pun )
Enjoy this next video from AMD project Quantum .



In conclusion

AMD has certainly picked up the gaming notch with the new capabilities of the Radeon R90 380X card but the balance between Quantum and not is a tough one .
Which ever way you decide to proceed with AMD products one thing is for sure before spending your hard earned cash do your home work .
Buying any product without checking compatibility can leave you with a Graphics card in one hand and the PC in the other kind of like a circle will not fit into a square syndrome .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of AMD RADEON and GAMING

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