Racism In the Military

Racism How could it Start

Racist behavior how could it all start in the Military ?
Whether I it is racism or other problems one thing is for sure usually the beginning of a military carrier or hitch as some like two call it begins in a similar fashion but is not limited to .

For this example I will use this video clip being that i have some experience this clip come darn right close to the beginning training and were it all starts .
Strait from the film full metal jacket how problems begin wen the men and woman prepare for war whether it procures racism or other problems .

It is not always Racism wen Colonels go bad

For example another movie Apocalypse now , one great movie a must see .
But although it dose not necessarily show racism it defiantly represents how stressful training and war time can be and can cause one of our own to snap and go wrong so check it out .

Racism Thursday

Another good example wen the upper officials snap and go bad as from there sick minded demented curvature of the rules and regulations .
Although the aspiration was two make a clean mean fighting machine there is nothing clean about racism .
So with ought further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you RACISM THURSDAY .

In Conclusion

Racism shows no camaraderie and has no place within the military whom ever thought of such an idea should be held accountable for it no matter what the rank he or she is this is a down right disgrace and unbecoming of an officer .
War is no play ground people die and we defiantly need the hardest men and women there but hopefully they wont just find a fall guy and whom ever is responsible will face the proper consequence.
Long live our heroes that Veterans and thank you for enduring the burden of the scares obtained whether it be from overwhelming training or down right war .
Peace have a great day riding the TRAINING WITHOUT RACISM peace I am out .

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