Quality Control Testing To No Testing

What is quality Control through Testing

Quality control is one of the things Americans prided themselves on for years while making there products . Strong durable and tested items knowing ware the breakable points were to the point of actually stating the estimated life span of a said product . So one must have to ask themselves what has happened to quality control and how could it be brought back ? It dose not take a physicist or those with a high end PHD in marketing to see the values that have been placed in others hands . American made products these days dose not in most cases mean this but means ( Assembled ) in America .

Quality control and China carbon footprint

China recognizes to tighten the rains on industrial waist .
Quality control all around .


Wen and if you disassemble a said product one would most likely will notice this part or that was made in a foreign country most likely ( China ) . Some products are both made and produced in ( China ) and other foreign countries as most of are industries have either moved to foreign soil or are bought out by foreign corporations . So just what is quality control ? It is testing an item or product as a whole unit and as individual units before assembling in order to make assurance it will not explode maim or sicken the user or consumer . So just what is Quality control for further reading straight ought of the archives of wikipedia I give you QUALITY CONTROL .

Quality control or the lack of reaches Deep

quality control not Galaxy 7

There is no way the Galaxy seven or Takata Airbags or the hoverboard had any quality control testing .

Quality control reaches deep within America or the lack there of . The industries as a whole have moved on to foreign soil for one reason , the reason most of the time is from a marketing perspective .
The ability to pay employees less and being able to curb toxicology aspects threw waist disposal .
But nothing last forever being this said as others countries step up there game in the toxicology aspects and tighten the rains something must be done to keep profits . One only has to look at China and the carbon footprint to see why they would tighten the rains in there toxicology and waist disposal department . The reason I said the lack of runs deep is because so far we have only seen this surface in mechanical products but the deepness runs into our food groups as well . For right now let us stay on the mechanical side of things and see whom has failed in there quality control testing aspects .
Takata Airbags placed in millions of cars but I would venture to say there was none to little testing on this product as it reacts like an IED sending shards of metal . Although Takata is a foreign company the said airbags were placed in American trade mark cars . To prove this point please see the following article straight out of the archives of consumerreports I give you the TAKATA AIRBAG RECALL .
Even though the issue was noted and IED fragments were threw into Americans faces the auto industry and Takata went to pointing fingers before the recall . Please enjoy the following video on a truck that exploded carrying Takata airbags decimating a mile area and killing some .

One must realize that once all the finger pointing starts the foreign counter part has different regulatory standards . From an article I read involving the Samsung 7 the American government pretty much had to beg them to make a recall . But before talking about Samsung we should also consider the hover-board . The hover-board was kind of covered up by saying people kept buying imitations but yet it kept happening . Please enjoy the next video on the fire starter HOVER-BOARD .


Last but not least Samsung Galaxy 7 the phone that burst into flames and now recalled to never be seen again at least not under that name . Please enjoy the following video on the flammable Samsung Galaxy 7 .

As my eyes shift back and fourth in the most October ish fashion thinking of the mad scientist theory well knowing that we are importing our FOOD PRODUCTS form foreign countries . If there is no Quality control on these fundamental products how could we trust it would be in the quality of food .
I could sit here and tell you and yes I said ( YOU ) what products these are but this is where I leave off and you take over to do your ( HOMEWORK ) and discovery on the food groups that are involved .

Update Samsung Quality Control Or The Lack Thereof

This update clearly shows the lack of quality control not only from Samsung but also the battery manufacture and shows the points of quick finger pointing but none the less sometimes finger pointing is the only model to procure the truth . In this latest article i am about to share it holds the total break down of the issues within the development of the battery itself as well as Samsung’s admits to rushing the development and skipping through hoops of there own quality and safety controls . Although this may be true in the back of my mind i seem to ponder on the fact that Samsung is actually just a small pawn in a much larger game of some type of rush economics but this yet to be seen . In the midst of all the downfalls Samsung has had during the recall they had a recycling plant to send all of the recalled items but during this recycling process the recycling plant had burst into flames .
Straight out of the archives of theregister i give you SAMSUNG BATTERY FACTORY CATCHES FIRE .

IN Conclusion


It has been stated in my concerned circle that although the Galaxy 7 is to be heard of no more it will just be renamed in order to use up the overstock of hardware . In a sense there is nothing wrong with this but testing must be done to insure safety and from a marketing perspective testing must be shown .
These are only a few companies but the problem runs much deeper here is a small list but not limited to .
1 ) clothing
2 ) Hardware and software
3 ) Food
4 ) Electrical components ( That run Americas Electric Grid )
5 ) Bottled Water
With ought the proper quality control procedures these elements put all Americans at risk and puts the pinky in the brain scenario in the hands of marketers just trying to make a name for themselves and a dollar . I hope you have enjoyed this article and in no means was this meant to be defamatory but is for educational purposes and the safety of America . Have a nice day riding the wave of QUALITY CONTROL TESTING TO NO TESTING .



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