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PS4 and under the Hood



Well lovers of the PS4 the words out Sony has Ben working on a new Firmware and apparently pulled together some beta testers most of which are located in Japan .
So what could this Firmware have to offer that would be so intriguing ?

PS4 firmware update

Looking under the hood to the PS4 is always helpful hopefully the 3.00 firmware update will be two

According to none other than Gamespot a hook up or in to social media threw the video format and messaging .

PS4 Firmware 3.00

I first heard of the PS4 beta testing from Gamespot so without further delay straight out of there archive I give you there report of Firmware update 3.00 .

Although Gamespot article was a good read I felt there must be something more other than just catchup behavior to what the x box already had ongoing .
So sure enough I did further digging and bingo there it was .
As reported by polygon an events menu for communities that you join or create yourself .
Along with 60 fps support for the remote play and share .
Polygon reached out to Sony and I love there response of not denying anything but saying that somethings may be cut from the first report .
Sony was also careful not to use the word ( Beta Testers ) but instead referred to there testers as ( Quality control ) .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of polygon I give you the PS4 Firmware update 3.00 .

PS4 and others using FPS 60

Hopefully this will be a good move for PS4 and others although at this time I am unsure .
By the for those who do not know FPS stands for frame rate per second .
There has Ben some scuttlebutt concerning the jump in the FPS saying it compromises graphical quality .
And of-course there are some that are totally annoyed to the fact that consuls do not have the software option to choose the FPS as a PC dose but hey I guise it is the little things that gives the PC power over all .
Check out this video I found showing the differences in frame rate ( FPS ) 30 verses 60 .

In Conclusion


So there you have it PS4 lovers , who knows how long it will take Sony to officiate this update .
It was nice to see Sony using a different term then ( Beta Tester ) for as I have written in the past what is Beta program or product ?
A program , product or software that still needs or requires updates and support .
Once it know longer needs or it is said a product will no longer be supported it is no longer beta but a finished product .
Have a great day riding the wave of the PS4 peace I am out .

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