Phones Energy And Medical Hacks

Phones reach deep into our Lives



It is no secret that Phones reach deep into our everyday lives and they sometime touch upon some of the most important aspects . We use are phones to monitor our workout patterns from walking to actual health monitoring . Some companies find it mandatory to hand out certain devices in order to keep there company up and functioning . These companies usually have a lot of people whom belong in certain places at certain times in order to get the job done .


Phones energy and medical hacks

phones reach deep into our every day lives from fitness to actual health monitoring



For example if you run an excavation company hauling truck loads of rock and dirt the GPS associated with the phones can keep an eye on each driver or foreman that are getting paid to do the high dollar job . Energy also finds its way into the functionality of both phones and the medical fields whether they correspond or not . A phone is a mini computer that is not so mini anymore comparatively to our beginning computer systems . Some of the most intense hacks can be carried out from this not so mini computer device now known as a smart cell phone . I am not trying to suggest that any of the hacks mentioned in this article were implemented with the use of a smart phone but time and time again we are reminded it is possible .

Energy Phones and the Grid

Phones energy and medical hacks

Our electric grid is nothing to play with if it goes down communication will be available for a short time

The Grid our power source from one end of the country to the other standing on stilts made up of nuclear energy . If the Grid went down most generators would kick on and some using solar or wind might be able to handle the needed use for a short time . Allowing those using phones or other devices to communicate for a short period of time but then eventually these systems would be in use for emergency officials only . There are much bigger things to be concerned with rather than minor communication . The first question that comes to mind if there were a Grid failure how long could any given hospital survive ? Suer enough each one carries some type of backup generator most likely run off of gas but with no Grid there is no fuel development . This also rings true for our now new and old nuclear facilities there generators run off of gas to keep the cooling pumps going to which keep the nuclear reactors cool . Even though an event like this would make Fukushima , Chernobyl and the bomb dropped on Hiroshima look like somebodies birthday party parts of the cyber community say there is no worries . This particular hack started in 2011 reared its head in 2014 and apparently is still alive in 2017 today fully implemented . Run through an obscure type of fishing scheme through E-Mail and I know it seems quit odd . I mean do they use there own personal E-Mail or was it a company E-Mail ? One also may be thinking well I am glade I do not live in the United States Of America but this Hack reaches across the globe into several or so countries if not more . Also these other countries are more venerable than the USA . Whether this hack was delivered through phones , PC or hiding within an onion it should be taken spuriously and not just shrugged off . If you would like to read more about this hack please see the following link . Straight out of the archives of Venturebeat I give you HACKERS INFILTRATED US AND EU ENERGY COMPANIES .

Phones to medical Hacks

Phones energy and medical hacks

Phones could have delivered an attack to pacemakers being they are using firmware

Once again I would like to point out that I am not suggesting that any hack was implemented via phones or a phone but it is theoretically possible with are not so mini devices . This next hack will literally hit us right where the heart is but before we begin there is a word that deserves some defining first . The term is Firmware and even if you are a TECH savvy person and think you know what the term means in this next link it just might open your eyes and teach you something new . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you WHAT IS FIRMWARE . After already knowing quit a bit about firmware the wikipedia information just further left me scratching my head as it relates to the vulnerability hack we are about to discuss . The hack effected approximately 46 thousand patients that have pacemakers implanted in order to sustain you guessed it life . Supposedly a hacker using phones or the instrument of his or her delight could use the firmware to simply pull the plug . I found this to be quit disturbing in an essence as I know at least one person whom has such a device of-course not knowing at this time if it is run and orchestrated by firmware . Each patient had to be called in for a visit to get the upgrade but I ponder whom took care of this bill for 64 thousand people ? If you would like to read more about this medical hack please see the following link . Straight out of the archives of arstechnica I give you PATIENTS NEED FIRMWARE UPDATE .

Sounds hack Phones

Phones energy and medical hacks

The captain hacked phones back in the day and rang in at 2.6 KHZ

Sounds a little far fetched or is it dose anyone remember the whistler ? How about the real ( Capt Crunch ) or the one who helped the ( Phreakers ) how about just plan old John Draper ? He is well worth mentioning after all Apple would not be what it is today if it was not for ( Capt Crunch ) would it ? Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you WHO IS THE WHISTLER .
Being privy to already knowing this information I thought worth mentioning in regards to the article at hand . Pretty much there saying if you have a device running voice recognition you are venerable to hackers whether it is your phone or any other device and the payload could be delivered via phones .
The hack is being called the ( Dolphin attack ) notable according to the article because it is supposed to be below the capability of human hearing . If you would like to read further about this hack please see the following link . Straight out of the archives of engadget I give you SILENT NEFARIOUS COMMANDS . Just for fun or if your like me and start wondering about the difference in conversion factors from Hertz to KHZ I did the ( Capt Crunch ) conversion for you ( 2600 Hertz = 2.6 KHZ ) .
Encase you would like to try this yourself please see the following link . Straight out of the archives of rapidtables I give you CONVERT FREQUENCY HZ TO KHZ . Scroll down slightly and there should be a link to go from KHZ to HZ on that same Paige .

In Conclusion

Our electrical GRID is nothing to play with sure enough we use nuclear plants as stilts or crutch if you will to provide other aspects of strength . If we lose the Grid for too long make plans to survive the nuclear winter it wont be pretty . Thinking about all the Tritium laying around in overstock due to the waste mechanism in nuclear plants if this was not the case there would not be the need to flex the nuclear muscle . Firmware in pacemakers I am still scratching my head over that one what could they have been thinking and what is next ? This seems to boil down to another pharmaceutical fubar a willingness to control for the sake of the dollar rather than heal . A hidden peace of knowledge look what they did with Staten according to the 700 club it causes the majority of problems it is said to prevent . ( Pharma FUBAR ) just to make a buck . As far as the dolphin hack well it seems to me the person whom discovered this just picked up where the Captain left off years ago . Were any these hacks orchestrated using phones well the clear answer to that is yes and on a larger scale they could all be implemented this way with the proper know how . Have a nice day while riding the wave of PHONES ENERGY AND MEDICAL HACKS I am out

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