Stage For Marketing Is Set Patents Abide

The stage is set for Marketing



Imagine some of the best marketing strategies playing out in front of our eyes is anyone paying attention ? These strategies are being played out by some big players and some of the marketing strategies could impact our lives for some time to come . Being this said I will try and focus on a two fold method one showing the marketing strategy and two how these could effect our lives short and long term .

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Bio 3D Printing Advances To Skin Growth

3D printing bio or otherwise

3D printing has been around for quit awhile . Making many advances not only in the medical field but also within the industrial fields . There has been a push to place the 3D printers within every home . Giving the capability to new and upcoming Entrepreneurs . One Idea could lead to a prototype and then mass production and for many companies this could lead to lower costs within the production field .

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Power Through Solar Reaches New Levels

Imagine receiving a zero dollar power Bill

That is right you read it correctly although I can not see that happening here do to storage capacity and usage but it has happened in certain parts of the world . One could only think of the shivers it sent up the spins of both manufactures of solar power devices and those whom oppose the use there of . With these type of outstanding marks it would be sure to crush the fossil fuel industry as we know them today . There are still a few things that stand in the way in order to bring solar to a full potential product .

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Man In The Middle Attack

Middle man Attack


The mere title of this type of hack almost appears humerus almost reminiscent of the childhood game ( Monkey in the middle ) . Although this is very serous and deals with many issues from the business sector to our judicial systems as well as the privacy of every individual . Sure enough the statements will raise some eyebrows and drop some jaws and others will brush it off there shoulder by thinking it is just a conspiracy .

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Injection SQL For Hackers And Security Teams

Injection hack or hole sometimes noted Back-Door

The term injection will most likely cause some to cringe because of the mere image placed in there head of a needle some medical official is about to inject into your body . Although this may or may not be true this is not the type of injection we will be discussing in this article as you may have picked up from the title . In this article we will be talking about SQL injections to which the mere notation will cause a similar cringe effect to but not limited to organizations , web developers and security teams alike .

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Cookies And Milk For The Hacker

Milk and Cookies



You just have to love them they go hand in hand but wen you have one without the other one can not help but feel if you will ( odd ) . In this article there will be some key features of representation so let this first part serve as the key to the article similar as a map ( KEY ) if you will .

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Technology Algorithm To Quantum Computing

Technology and Algorithms



For some the title of this article maybe a mere oxymoron statement but for others they maybe thinking I keep hearing this term algorithm . Well there are a few good reasons why you keep hearing the term and why the term will keep appearing as long as you continue to utilize technology . So what parts of technology am I speaking of ?

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Tools Of Hackers Hardware Software Wars

Hacking tools and silent Wars

Hacker tools who are they for ? Obviously those of a notorious nature use them and those of security teams use them each one for different reasons . But there are others that need to know the lingo and terms and by others I mean you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader . Owe what you say your to busy running your fortune five hundred company or making your trillions and you hire the best of teams to do this !! Maybe this is true and for that matter mommy and Daddy never showed you how to hit a command prompt but that is OK .

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Two Thousand Seventeen It Begins

What will two thousand seventeen Bring



As the new year begins many are wondering what will occur ? Where are the big dollars who will make them and how can you be part of the process ? These are all good questions for the new year especially if you are not following the road of Entrepreneurship for what ever reason .


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