Ocean Rip Currents To Offshore Drilling

Ocean rip currents


The ocean a place of wonderment and joyful play and good times along the beach side fronts . A place to dream build castles play Frisbee and do a little surfing viewing the high tides to the low tides .
Coveted by some and made to be some the most pricey peaces of real estate in the world . But our oceans are much more than that and one can only stand at awe to the pristine beauty to which is the ocean whether you are a land lover , sailor , surfer or fisherman . From the north pole to the south and as far from the east to the west cold or hot beauty is at hand in Gods great masterpiece .



Ocean rip current possibly caused by offshore drilling

Ocean rip currents have become more frequent .
Alerts are now an ongoing almost daily occurrence .


In order to get our feet wet ( pun intended ) the simplest definition of ocean comes straight out of the archives of wikipidea I give you OCEAN . The ocean and seas of the world has been a place of food and an economic resource for many areas and counties for centuries . As a youngster I myself lived at least one hundred miles from the coast so wen it was time to visit the beach it was quit an ordeal but not without lessons first . My grandfather whom was a sailor and a navy man taught us how to recognize bait fish that sharks would be enticed to eat and how not to be in the midst of them . He also taught us how to determine an incoming tidal wave in hopes we would never encounter one all well learned lesson’s much of which to this day are not taught . Rip currents is not something he taught about and although I am almost sure they existed to some extent they were not commonly well known or prevalent . For those who not aware of what a rip current is straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you RIP CURRENT . I have put a lot of thought into this because there has been quit a rise in rip current deaths as well as saved swimmers in recent years to the point of now flagging beaches during rip current events . This is now turning out to be an almost daily event and I would like to state at this time undertow is totally different from a rip current . I also think either bait fish use rip currents as a traveling mechanism or simply get caught up within them bringing the shark to the rip current and closer to shore ( theoretical at this point ) .

Offshore Drilling and our Ocean

Ocean offshore drilling can effect our whole ecosystem

Our ocean and seas can be effected drastically by offshore drilling .

So am I saying that offshore drilling is causing rip currents ? Well maybe the pure point is something has increased rip currents almost to an epidemic stage . Really I am suggesting you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader whom is important here to examine the facts that I have before me and make your own mind up . So what is offshore drilling straight out of the archives of wikipedia i give you OFFSHORE DRILLING . One thing is for sure our oceans and seas are not something we can afford to live without nor is our land and clean water ways to which all to some extent work in pure harmony . Each grain of sand holds a place but is there a domino effect of reaction as the elements are altered ( Action to reaction ) ? As I pondered on rip currents and there happenings I had once thought the main cause of this was the increase of shipping whether it was for traveling or industrial do to the larger ships and more of them . And of course there is also the natural effect caused by storms like hurricanes of the like supposedly implementing a natural beach erosion but to me things still did not add up . That is wen I heard the cry just like being slapped in the face ( WAKE UP ) the ( TIDE IS UP DUDE ) . Could this be what ties it all together causing all the rip currents along our coast lines and diminishing our fisheries . I myself am not an Oceanologist but am purely trying to put the peaces of the puzzle together . Please enjoy this next video and here the cry where has all the sand gone .



Things not mentioned in this Article

1 ) Native American Indians ( fight to stop pipeline )
2 ) Pipeline breaks ( spewing out filling areas with thousands of gallons of contamination )
3 ) Sinkhole occurs at chemical plant ( Radio active waste pours into Florida drinking water )

In Conclusion

Our ocean whether referring to rip currents and safety or fisheries we should understand they give us much more such as but not limited to fresh air and holding our whole climate ecosystem together .
Remember the discovery about the growth of desserts ( Planting a tree stops the growth there of )
and reconstitutes the natural ecosystem . Sure enough we could say well we do not need the ocean we have fish and oyster farms and anything grown in the ocean can be recreated in a semi scientific farm lab . This maybe true to some extent but you can not re-cleans or air at the rate of our seas and ocean nor replenish the pockets of those whom made there living by feeding there own society . Sure enough we can bring in the big machines to replace the coastal sands to watch it be dragged out again and allow rip currents to try to suck us away and blame it on global warming and natural storms . This article is for educational purposes it is not meant to be defamatory in any nature . I hope you have a nice day while riding the wave of OCEAN RIP CURRENTS TO OFFSHORE DRILLING I am out .

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