Nexus 7: What is MultiRom

MultiRom is a ROM manager for the nexus 7. It allows you to install and manager multiple roms and switch between them. This rom also allows you to install Ubuntu touch with dual boot option on your Nexus 7 device. Currently I am running CyanogenMod as my primary with two separate versions of Ubuntu Touch and Clean ROM as alternative boot options. Installing new ROMS is fast and easy. Switching between them is even easier. A rooted device is not required to install MultiRom but it is required to run MultiRom in its intended capacity. I would recommend Multi Rom for any user that wants to experience the Ubuntu touch without sacrificing the full capabilities of the android Operating System. Technically it is possible to install any rom side by side but not all are supported. As an example: Clean Rom is not currently supported by MultiRom however Clean Rom appears to work with little to no issue. Using the CyanogneMod installer to root your device and install the latest version of Cyanogenmod is a great way to root your device and get CyanogenMod installed.

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