New Year New Investments

New investments remember the Dream

Investment means different things to different people but the term is generally known whether from a business prospective or that of a personnel nature . New investment dose not necessarily mean running out and finding some where else to put your time and money because your dream has not payed off .


New year new investments old dreams

Dreams your dream take the time to make an investment for the new year .

Rome was not built in a day and neither shall your dream baby it takes work rethinking fortitude and fine-tuning . Wen some look to the consecutive dollar for the investment return in most beginning ventures there could be plenty of negative values most often than not this could lead to obscure sales .
In the midst of the rally for entrepreneurship all is not lost keep your dreams at hand look for sharpening tools and proper investments to co-exist with your dream . Or maybe you the reader and yes I said ( YOU ) have already reached entrepreneur status which I know a few . You could be looking for a small investment or large with with a good return well I have good news it is all possible in this new year of 2017 . This brings plenty of breathing room and a sigh of relief although it is still up to you to have the faith of keeping your dream alive .

New Year time to look Back

New year new investments

Even Grep Haxs moves forward to make new investments for the new year .


Even hear at Grep Haxs we take the time to make investments and sharpen our skills as well as make improvements . One of these said investments was opening our youtube channel and it has been one year since our first video hit the air ways ( or waves ) . I remember the moment so well and although it was just a minor life hack video there was much excitement in the air . This one small investment has given the opportunity for sharpening skills and improvement whether dealing with sound or video quality . Straight out of the Grep Haxs archives I bring our first video Life Hack Move Leaves From Concrete .





Since this first investment our youtube channel has grown in a couple of different ways .
1 ) Subscribers ( Very important and thank you very much )
2 ) Fine Tuning ( Utilizing new programs such as Vokoscreen and Kdenlive and youtube )
3 ) Further Building ( Adding different play lists for the interests of our subscribers )
If you are not a subscriber now would be a good time to join us as we look towards the future and welcome 2017 .
We welcome you to venture deep into Grep Haxs youtube channel so straight out of our archive here is our play-lists .

Kdenlive Tutorials


Unboxing & Reviews


Life Hack


New investment old Dreams

New year new investments

NASA had a dream to get us to the new frontier .

Old dreams to new investments who has had them well I could name off plenty of individuals including my self . But what about from a Business nature of huge companies for example but not limited to NASA had and has dreams for the future . Please enjoy this next video straight out of the archives of Grep Haxs Kdenlive Slideshow Example Showing Space Center Tour .




IBM has had many dreams and made fine tuning events such as but not limited to the hiring of a new CEO in 2012 and she is said to be the most powerful business woman according to wikipedia .
Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Virginia Marie Rometty . You can see some of these fine-tuning moments threw some articles we have written such as . IBM Searching For The Secret Sauce or Corporate Moves IBM And Apple and IBM OpenPower And Power 8 . Sure enough there are other companies and CEOS worth mentioning but I find her to be most intriguing but at the same-time we must think of the other companies . Even though they maybe dwarfed in time GOOGLE , Facebook , INTEL all have there own stories to tell of there investments and new things to come . What will they be and where shall we go from here how much humanized AI will enter into our lively-hoods of every day life . These are well hidden projections felt by the ripple of someones dreams either from pure enjoyment or for the big investment payoff . Microsoft and Playstaition appears to have found ways to stagnate the gaming world as it appears the mobile APP industries , Apple and others play tug of war with them . I feel this will be an interesting year in this tug of war environment along with artificial or as some say augmented reality . I think it is important to look at these large companies while trying to fine tune ones dreams to see the ups and downs but always striving to succeed .

In Conclusion

The bottom line as always do not give up on your dreams and even if you think you have plenty look for fine-tuning areas lest you become stagnant thus being your own poison . Profits never come overnight keep the sharpening stone close by . Up the anti with new marketing tools or make a worth while bottom dollar investment . May 2017 ring in prosperity for me and you the reader whether it is for the consecutive dollar investment or pure enjoyment . For our Christian readers Faith comes from hearing the word of God but it is our action that perpetuates it .
Have a nice day while riding the wave of NEW YEAR NEW INVESTMENTS I am out .

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