New To Linux Or Old Are You Stuck In Bash

Linux Bash what is It ?

Are you a Linux user who has only used Bash or are you new to Linux and are like what the hack is Bash ? Well I have good news for the both new and old Linux Users this article is sure to provide the new user with valuable and useful information and the novice with a directive to help newer Linux users .
Being that said lets break the ground for the new people shall we ?

Linux Bash script

whether using Bash or another shell script knowledge is power

Bash is a control command line that runs in what is called a shell I could spend all day trying to explain this but instead I have found that wikipedia dose a great job . The first thing you will see is Unix this Paige is a good brush up area for hardcore Linux users and without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the UNIX SHELL . Now that we understand more of what Bash is and understand it is a Bash-Shell but your stuck in Linux or have a friend that needs help or maybe you just want to brush up . Straight out of the archives of bash I give you LINUX SHELL SCRIPTING TUTORIAL .

Do you feel like your bashing your head with Linux

Do you feel like your bashing your head against the wall with the bash shell scripting ? Maybe you feel confined like your in a box and keep saying there must be more . Well your absolutely right there is Linux not only is capable to run different Distro but also has many command scripts as you may have noticed in the prier documentation . So how do you know what scripting shell is good for you and yes I said ( YOU ) because you are the important one here . It is quit simple ( CRACK THE SHELL ) and step fourth utilizing and trying other shell Command lines . There is one gentleman who did just that He Cracked the Shell and stepped out and in his article talks about all the Shell scripts he has tried . With ought further delay straight out of the archives of open source I give you LINUX SHELLS .

What is new in Linux

Thunderbolt 3 USB for Linux

Dell is creating drivers for the thunderbolt 3 to run on Linux devices

So whats new in Linux ? Well actually quit a bit if you consider the things I am not writing about yet because the stories are yet to be fully told . Like all the handshaking going on between Linux and other companies as Microsoft is rumored to run in a Linux Container and the upswing of IOT . Who knows what all this Handshaking will bring about good or bad but in among all the handshaking Dell is fixing to put some need in the speed of the Linux user . That is right threw the USB Type C – Port without further delay straight out of the archives of PC – World I give you the THUNDERBOLT 3 .

In Conclusion

No matter if your a novice to Linux or a new comer there is one thing that holds prevalent knowledge is power . Back peddling and brushing up is always good and helping new people to gain knowledge is good pass the word . Empowering people is what feeds a family and brings them to nourishment beyond belief . Have a nice day riding the waves of the LINUX BASH SHELL WAVES for they are huge I am out .

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