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New ideas and Kickstarter

Sure enough kickstarters and crowdfunding has gotten a bad rap lately where some had claimed to have been bilked out of money . I have written about an promoted some kickstarter and crowdfunding programs in the past because I really thought and still do feel these are good programs to utilize and make investment into .

new kickstarter programs can be good investment

New ideas and Technology comes straight out of kickstarter programs



That being said at the end of this article in my conclusion I will have suggestions on how to proceed when making such an investment . It had taken me a while after hearing some of the complaints with these types of programs and had come to the conclusion although there may had been a bad guy at play user interface was also to blame . So I have decided to bring fourth the three most amazing kickstarters I have seen lately .

New Technology One

new site Technology for the blind

eyesynth is a new Technology aimed at bringing site to the blind and visually impaired

Number one on my list reaches out to the most amazing people in the world the blind and those with impaired sight . Now of course most of us do not even give this area of our communities a second thought until either you become impaired visually or you know someone in your life it effects .
I myself recognize our community in the world that are blind not only because I know and have known a few but also as being a writer and implementing photos . Blind or the vision impaired are people two although not having an algorithm to show me how many of these blind or impaired people are my viewing audience I like to be prepared . So if your a web developer webmaster writer , implementer what ever your roll is make sure you put all proper attributes not only to pick up a new audience but in Honour of these great people . So in honour of theses impaired part of our world community and my trust in kickstarter programs I bring you straight out of the archives of gadgetify EYESYNTH .

New Technology Two

New ECO car

Another great new idea is the ECO car

The second peace of new technology comes right out of left field in two different areas . The first area is from our changing world as we struggle with change , this change I speak of deals with the environment and the green peace movement . As oil stocks plummet and rumors flow of bankruptcy within the oil industry and as the oil mungers for profit try to hold on to old profits great progress is being made for the green team . The second area is ware new Technology meets new Technology , That is right this product was made with the use of a 3 – D printer . Although this baby has the capability of hooking to the eclectic grid both building and car is capable of sustaining itself with power and a convenient living quarters . Straight out of the archives of gadgetify I give you the 3 – D PRINTED ECO CAR .

New Technology Three

New coffee pot

new morning or evening idea depending wen you like your coffee

Finally my third pick in new Technology hits close to home especially during the morning . It is plain and simple I love my coffee but to put a couple of extra notches on this new Technology it brings in the Technology of the INTERNET of things all connected . This three bean maker has the capability of WI/FI and comes with its own APP for making precision adjustments to brewing .
Straight out of the archives of gadgetify I give you the AUROMA ONE .

In Conclusion

I believe that kickstarters and crowdfunding programs are an essential part of world growth and entrepreneurship in the world as we know it today . Not only do these programs bring new Technologies forward but it brings fourth a slew of products for investment teams to enhance recoverability of new products for future and ongoing customers . This also brings forth a way to invest in small and worthy causes and noting not all payouts for the investment would be the greatest but some Technology is totally worth it Especially wen helping the impaired . Before making any investment there are some policies or guidelines that should be followed and it all begins with common sense as well as homework ( awe the dreaded word that has followed you since a youngster ) . The bottom line if you can not afford the time to do your own investment homework hire consultants but still in hiring any firm or group of consultants do at least that homework first . Unfortunately we live in a world of doggy eat doggy ware the bad guy lurks around every conner and sometimes in the TECH world ( peace of software ) . So if your an entrepreneur or born with a silver spoon in your mouth or just won the lottery and you have plenty of cash to through around here are a few things to consider if you freelance your investment . Is the investment sensible and wen do you have to give the money if it is upfront why ? What are the payouts and are they sustainable or for write off charitable purposes ?What are other investors saying about the product to be invested in ? And then there is always the legal end of any investment to which any good investment team has privy to them a good legal team .
Have a great day riding the wave of NEW TECHNOLOGY and KICKSTARTERS .

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