New System Considerations


Things haven’t changed to much when it comes to buying a new system , it all boils down to common sense and owe ya that old thing called knowledge ( I.E. which equals power ) .

Back in The Day

When the net were in its beginning stages and for the most part everyone was IBMing there wasn’t to much to consider .
From my perspective the main question or concern will I be able two get on the net ( via dial up I might add ) .

As Time and Programs Advanced

As time and programs advanced so did the need to be concerned with what a system could do .
1 ) How much memory and is it expandable ?
2 ) What kind of processor and what is its capabilities ?
3 ) What kind of video card ( on board or Off ) capabilities and if using an on board can an off board be added ?
4 ) Size of hard drive and reliability and can other hard drives be added ?
There may be a few things I left out but the point is to ( get you thinking in the right direction ) in hopes you and yes I said ( YOU ) would make the proper decision on your needs when buying a new system because there have Ben some new things to consider .

The New Thing two Consider heavily

The OS and its capabilities and or the restrictions of if any In the past there wasn’t much two worry about in this area you could just partition the and you were good to go with your secondary OS but now things have changed for example but not limited to . ( Microsoft 8.1 ) and all RT model OS as far as I am aware .
This could be OK for a few minor people who have no hopes in advancing there minds past the Microsoft spectrum .

The Free Spectrum

The free spectrum of computing allows the capability two run what OS you want and the ability to utilize what hardware and programs you want .
Microsoft had a good run for quit awhile , there infrastructure within the academical arena was outstanding but I believe it is about to change especially with there new OS restrictions but do keep in mind the old scenario ( monkey see monkey do ) in other words there are probably other companies to follow Microsoft’s example .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of grephaxs I give you windows ( 8.1 ) .

SSHHH The Key Is Linux

The Key but you say even widows utilizes Linux And I say yes now were getting somewhere but like I said Linux is the key the OS being the ( Key Hole ) .
If your running an early version of windows or a none restricted version and you wish two experience a whole new world you could try Ubuntu .
So heres were you should do the homework deciding which Ubuntu fits your needs myself I use Debian but there are a few others and theres good news the installation can all be handled via USB drive .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of Ubuntu I give you the Ubuntu OS .

In Conclusion

My hopes are this article helps and enlightens people to a whole new world and not two become enslaved by restrictive environments .
The note of the day from the president of the USA to the bare bones of our own educational system says we should all become programming and coding savvy so lets not let Microsoft and other companies restrict our horizons while they should be expanding .
Peace have a great day surfing the Linux ( Ubuntu ) wave or which ever OS you chose I am out .

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