New Electric Car Concept



I found this new concept of using tires merged with radio frequency quit interesting .
But before going on I would like to share the article straight out of the archives of gizmage I give you the EV prototype .

Steal Belted Tires


Of course a very popular tire but with this new type of technology it is sure to drive the price up and benefit the automotive industry and possibly higher the levels of steal in the tires if transmissions improvements are needed .
Now thinking of that fact who would provide the funds for such emplacement of a metal strip in the road side or center dare I say tax payers ?

Other Cars

There are other cars within the label EV to which I noticed using technology such as breaking to produce electric for charging purposes .
So to see this type of technology check out this awesome video .

In Conclusion


I do applaud these advancements although I find a lot of the ventures a way to scurf the curb of the true self sufficient electric car .
For example but not limited to ( In the generation of power there is .
1 ) Solar ( Every car is hit by solar rays whether it be lunar or sun both can produce power ) .
2 ) Wind ( As a car moves it is struck by this caused by its own momentum ) .
3 ) Crank-ability ( Already used in breaking but could be used in windows while moved up and down ) .
4 ) Vibration ( The cars vibrate as they run and or hit bumps in the road and vibration is produce as rain hits the surface of a car ) .
5 ) Heat ( most cars reach approximately a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit wen not in use and with the windows rolled up ) .
6 ) Turn-ability ( This happens every-time a wheel or axle turns or any given part rotates ) .
So all of these techniques are already in place but yet we still strive to involve other ideas which either involve waste or cause over bearing taxable items ) .
Have a great day surfing the electric car wave peace I am out .

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