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I have an HP Chromebook 14″. This machine has a x86 64 bit processor with 2GB of ram. My current system is ch-rooted with Ubuntu(saucy) installed as my secondary OS. I would not have bought a chromebook if not for the ability to dual boot/chroot into another system with more capability. I went through multiple instances of linux installs and factory reset my machine multiple times before deciding to stick with Ubuntu(saucy) with unity. I installed and tried Debian with gnome, Debian with cinnamon, Kali with gnome and Kali with KDE. I had multiple issues with gnome. Unity, cinnamon and KDE all seemed to work fairly well. I intend to use this Chromebook as my everyday personal computing device. So far so good. I use the ChromeOS side for everything I do on the web. If the situation calls for it; I switch into my Ubuntu session for the more complicated tasks. Some of the things I can only do in Ubuntu include: running airmon-ng, airodump-ng, wash, reaver, and aircrack-ng f0r pen-testing. One of the reasons I installed Kali was for the pen testing suit. After I installed Kali with the forked crouton script I realized that none of the pen testing software was installed. I then reverted back to Ubuntu as this is my choice distro. I then installed the needed pen testing tools.  This setup allows me to take the most out of the chromebook hardware. For the average user, the chromeOS by itself is an excellent machine for what it does. For me; I never would have bought a Chromebook if it wasn’t for the ability to load Linux/Ubuntu so seamlessly.

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  1. Hey man,i saw some nice guides here for chrome book but i want to ask about Kali! You said it hasn’t installed the

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