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I am not sure if I get the whole jest of this .
There trying to fine people for stealing music and or movies and things copy written ,
Right now it appears there spending much more than there taking in .
It appears to me someone is pretty greedy , I mean most folks I know spend a lot of money going to concerts and movies and paying for on-line content via hulu net flix two name a few as well as cable .


Possible Cause

It seems to me if these guys no your ISP and the site is still up there probably running both ends .
A ) The site that allowed you to pirate the item is associated with them in silent partnership or out right owned by them .
B ) And being on the fine collecting end getting both spectrum’s of the payoff what ever it is .
I am not saying this is how it is but if it was , what a high end scam of the century it would be .





Why The Individual

Well plain and simple , there are cap limits to all law suits if they say get an individual for 300 to 500 a couple of times each one is a different case and good chances are the individual wont have a good defense legal team backing them .
If they go after a company that allows piracy to take place its one lawsuit with a cap and possibly a highly qualified defense team to fight against the allegations as well as stopping all individual law suits eliminating the original profit margin .


In Conclusion

I am at a lose with this whole piracy thing .
But I do know we pay for the ISP and technically speaking we own the browser on our machines .
It is not right to interfere with those protocols .
Not knowing the total issue leaves to much to speculation so at this point I am gone have a great surfing day .


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