Motorola acquired by Lenovo



When I first heard of Google owning Motorola and the fact they were to be the first company in the USA to start making and distributing smart phones I was very excited .
It sounded like advancement for the USA by means of jobs and a technology stance .
But a little over a year in and Google has decided to sell do to a none profitable venture .
The funny thing about the sale is they are closing the factory before the sale witch is almost unheard of so the question remains was it rely due to nonprofit or was it at such a great price they couldn’t refuse and the company that purchased Motorola was scared because of a little American thing called ingenuity and know how ?
Who bought the company you ask well my friends a company called Lenovo so without further delay straight out of the Archives of venture beat i give you Moto X .

Who is Lenovo

So who is Lenovo ? Lenovo is a 34 billion dollar company whom has bought IBM pc market . They own companies in China , Japan , Yokohama, Shanghai as well as the USA to name a few .
So you say whats all the hoopla about well from my perspective Americans need the jobs and I truly believe to make this happen this needs to be a full engrossed American know how and fortitude threw the technology industry from top to bottom no imports .
If your old enough or possibly had a chance to see real American made products you would have noticed the ingenuity the structure and the quality .
And if you owned a Motorola phone from there company I would love a comment from you concerning the quality and performance but also keep in mind all the parts were imported and put together in the USA . So here you go this is Lenovo .

In Conclusion

Have a nice day I hope you enjoyed .

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