Moore’s Law To Neven’s Law To Quantum Cyborg

Most people are familiar with Murphy’s Law but then awareness narrows wen
we talk about Moore’s Law let alone the newest Law Neven’s .
Before we get into Neven’s Law we should first examine Moore’s Law .

So just whom should look into reviewing or even brushing up on Moore’s Law ?
There is more than meets the eye with Moore’s Law if you buy computers
and or maintain them Moore’s Law will be something to look at .
If you are an IT person of sorts or in the marketing field or carry a high
interest within the technology area reviewing Moore’s Law will defiantly
give you a different perspective .
After reviewing Moore’s Law while in the writing of this article in my opinion
Moore’s Law has a little bit that everyone could take away improving not only
there perspective but knowledge as well .

Moore’s Law What Is It

Moore's Law : computer devices

Mores law sets the standard rules for these devices while Nevens Law handles the Quantum end .

Moore’s Law deals with quit a few areas concerning the growth of our everyday
devices .
Grasping in areas of shrink-ability to performance and speed also in turn showing
growth in a marketable fashioned arena .
Showing expansive capabilities not only in every peace of computer hardware but
right down to the latest and greatest fiber cable .
But as I have heard time and time again nothing is forever and even Moore’s Law
has a projected end date .
Although according to this wikipedia page I am about to share with you suggests
that date is highly disputed but yet at hand .
The reason it is disputed is our everyday computing devices are still advancing
becoming smaller faster and improved .
Please see the fallowing link straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you
What Is Moore’s Law .
Even though the end date is disputed could there be something to push that date
closer ?
If we consider say 32 bit architecture there are some whom have considered it being
at its end date no longer supporting it .
Just taking this into consideration I would say yes it is highly possible but what could possibly
replace Moore’s Law and become the new stander-ed ?
As we move closer to Quantum computing things have escalated to the point where
a quantum system is at hand hence the new term Neven’s Law .

Moore’s Law To Neven’s Law

Moore's Law to nevens Law : a quantum computer

With the end date at hand with Moore’s Law Nevens Law shows the speed of computation for quantum is at hand .

Sure enough Neven’s Law will have all the similarities to Moore’s law but have
the functionality and developmental information for quantum computers .
From what I understand Neven’s Law has been developed by Google the statement
that quantum computing’s computational rate is at hand to surpass all and any common
super computer .
But do not just take this from me please see the following link straight out of the archives
of Scientific America I give you What Is Neven’s Law .
Keep in mind although Google has made this great achievement they are not the only
company striving to ring in the quantum capabilities .
There are many companies such as IBM , Facebook and even Elon Musk just to name
a few .
In this next video straight out of the archives of Explaining Computers we can see the
accomplishments made and fundamentals that are being worked on for the end result
of a cyborg please enjoy .

At the begging of this year and I quote: The CEO of IBM stated this would be the year
for AI cognition .
I am not aware of IBM advancement in this area nor did I try to research it but being
that our brains are so complex it is highly unlikely that things have went well .
This is why I feel the catalyst for ending Moore’s Law and bringing in Neven’s Law
will be the grasp for the AI cognitive accomplishment .
How could this even be possible you ask ? Well this is not our first rodeo for years we
have been pulling the mad scientist out of the closet to find the cure all .
Looking for that holy grail if you will some with very good intent and others with more
nefarious objectives .
Remember the show in order to catch a thief you must become a thief well it seems as
though in order to bring proper cohesiveness AI must become part of the brain .
To see this point please see the following video straight out of the archives of Truth
Stream Media .

In Conclusion

I have mixed feelings on this subject Knowing and seeing what it is like
to live with a debilitating disease .
And I also realize that in some way this is turned into a race to be the first
to get the first breakthrough .
Hopefully the good in this if any will be what we grasp and hold close to
our hearts .
The notation to be all controlling so as to be king our a god never works
out well in the end .
Sure enough Quantum computing is in our future but what we do with
it will really show whom we are .
I hope you have enjoyed riding the wave of Moore’s Law To Neven’s Law
To Quantum Cyborg .

Thank you in advance I am out

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