Mobile Holographic 3 D


Smart Holographic

Thats right folks another jump into the future and backtracking to the past its like you can feel the enterprise itself getting closer or intact is it the Klingon’s .
But what should it matter for now we our own Holographic devices ,
The brand Takee and I believe the the release of the Holographic phone will be in china on July 17 .
So without further delay check this video on the Holographic phone its pretty cool .




And to further get your feet wet check out this article straight out of the archives of jtgeek enjoy .


3 D Holographic Attachment

Say what you don’t live in China and you have no immediate plans to head there and you love your current devices .
Don’t worry I was just talking to a Vulcan he tuned me into this video which to there proclaim can turn any device into a Holographic mean machine although a little primitive if you compare it to the Holographic phone .
So check it out .




In Conclusion

The whole fingers and hand interaction is awesome , the Holographic Phone is like the advancement we have all Ben waiting for .
I am sure it will bring gaming to a whole new level as well as travel , movie viewing and architecture .
And it will put a whole new momentum on conversations .
Have a great Holographic surfing day I am out .


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