Microsoft Windows Vulnerability



So which windows is mucked up this time , the front the back or the new windows ? ( A little windows humor )
According two an article by arstechnica all versions of windows are affected and needs immediate patching .



Schannel is Microsoft’s secure channel and is were the bug resides .
Two bring Schannel to some clarity I found this very informative page , Straight out of the archives of coastrd I give you Schannel .

TLS Stack

Every major TLS stack is affected so without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you Microsoft windows vulnerability .

In Conclusion

What Can you do ?
Patch up and keep your ear to the ground for further security updates .
From what I gathered this type of bug is a major concern so I figured I would gather some further information so I asked wikipedia to see what they had to say so without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Schannel .
Peace stay safe and have a secure surfing day riding the Schannel bug wave I am out .

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