Medical Advancements Beginning In 2016

Medical licensing for Tobacco Treatment

Tobacco the addiction no matter the form of Tobacco it is medically proven to be one of the worst addictions ever . This addiction dose not segregate from occupation religion or race if you pick up smoking Tobacco sooner or later you will become Addicted . I personally have known doctors , lawyers and x ray technicians that have unfortunately fell to this addiction .



medical license treatment breakthrough

medical breakthrough for licensed treatment for tobacco products



The X Ray Technician I know was responsible for capturing X Rays of a smokers lungs and the view was quiet stunning to her she immediately put them down only to pick them up two weeks later . This addiction is known by everyone globally and here in America certain steps have been taken to slow the addictive behaviors once even promoted by the medical industry . For example but not limited to smoking has been baned in and on hospital grounds as well as most restaurants , bars and on Government property . The Addiction has in some circles been considered to be worse than a heroin addiction although I myself can not say this because I am not a doctor nor have I used heroin . Even tho our Government and states are now trying to help stop this addiction if you find yourself in the midst of the Tobacco addiction there are some things you can do to help . It is called braking the chains of the cycle by talking to your children letting them know the dangers of tobacco and not smoking or chewing in front of them . There is no secret to the fact that children look up to parents uncles and aunts or who ever is in there life they consider to be there mentor . Sure enough this is an out of site out of mind technique but if that link of the chain is not there your children most likely will not have to deal with breaking it in there lifetime .

Medical treatment for Tobacco Products

Medical treatment for Tobacco is on the rise and has come a long way but still has ground to overtake .
Years ago knowing from my personal experience Tobacco products were so excepted within the medical field you could smoke in hospital rooms . In the psychiatric wards in some places they would have piles of roll your own Tobacco in hopes to keep everyone with the addiction at a controllable level . I have even seen where a doctor left a pack of cigarettes next to a patient knowing he was a smoker in the hopes the addiction would pull the patient from a coma . Sure enough there are many ways to put down the Tobacco like nicotine patches or nicotine gum and counseling threw hospitals that offer a monetary incentive . It is very hard to determine what works best and I am sure each has there own algorithm to prove there product works . The thing is everyone is different one thing that works for you might not work for me or her or for that matter him . That is why the search continues and that is where this new brake threw study comes from . According to engadget the UK has been issued the first license for treatment with a E Cig for Tobacco users addiction . Without further delay straight out of the archives of engadget I give you the first TREATMENT USING E CIG .
And even tho the UK has the only known official license but if you think it might be a possible solution to your addiction I have just the place for you to check out . This place is located in Florida they are none other than Zanadoo Vapes without further delay straight out of the archives of zanadoovaps I give you ZANADOO VAPES AND MORE . And although there website seems to still be in the makings you can visit there Facebook Paige at you guised it Zanadoo Vapes and more . So once again straight out of Zanadoo archives I give you ZANADOO VAPES AND MORE FACEBOOK .

Medical breakthrough and Bluetooth

medical breakthrough bluetooth app

medical breakthrough bluetooth connected App

That is right bluetooth sometimes breakthroughs come about in the most oddest ways but this one goes out to our female viewers and the Daddies to be . Getting pregnant for some can be a daunting task from deciding wen it will happen to hoping and praying it will happen to a oops it just happened . No matter how it goes down bluetooth has the best of news whether your trying or your already pregnant bluetooth according to engadget has created a APP to help . This APP is full of suggested help and tracking methods to help any wanting to be parent to the already on there way parent . The APP supposedly behaves differently depending on the information you add . It can be a tough course as you set sail on the parenting venture for example but not limited to what to buy when are your doctors appointments to wen to take a prenatal . That is right this is not the ordinary pregnancy APP it dose the Pregnancy test and follows you the whole way or makes suggestions on fertility options . This bluetooth APP test seems to be so amazing it claims to entertain you while you wait for results to bring down any anxiety . Without further delay straight out of the archives of engadget I give you the BLUETOOTH TEST AND APP FOR PREGNANCY . As you may have noticed this is a first response product and to top it off I have found a nice video for you so sit back and grab his or her hand and enjoy .



Now if this product delivers what it is boasting I would recommend this for even woman well under there way to deliver the most gorgeous child . Sure enough being pregnant is a feat in itself but than through in everything else life hands us anything to aid and make the proses easier is sure a plus for him and her . So if and wen you give this product a try let me know in the comment line I would love to do a follow up article on this medically Technical advancement .

In Conclusion

Medical advancements is a tough field to encompass there are very large groups on both sides of the arena . Some more out spoken than the other for example but not limited to the tobacco industry being so large has a lot of lobbying power in Washington this is the one of the things that has given them survivability . The E CIG treatment sounds promising and as other treatments will work for some but not others but I think one thing is for sure . There must be action for example but not limited to the action to start smoking the bent elbow then the draw the reverse action not to pick up not to bend the elbow ( do nothing get no results ) . Being pregnant no matter how it occurred or whether your just trying can be and is stressful in it self anything to relieve this stress to most would be a God Sent . And for those whom struggle to become pregnant believe it or not but stress can sometimes be the issue so just relax enjoy your time not being pregnant until it happens it is a big responsibility .

Have a nice day riding the wave of MEDICAL ADVANCEMENTS IN 2016 .

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