Make money online with Bitcoin

Easy money online

Making money online with Bitcoin and Litecoin is Easy!

money online

money online

I did it and so can you. In the following BitCoin tutorial you will see just how I did it.

This article is strongly geared towards Bitcoin but Litecoin follows the same guidelines and uses some of the same executable.

To start mining Bitcoins you only need a computer and a Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin can be described in the following artice

A Bitcoin wallet is essentially what it sounds like. A digital wallet that holds your Bitcoin(money online). The wallet is required to store the Bitcoin’s you mine. You then can convert these Bitcoins through a currency exchange; similar to converting between euros and US dollars. The Amount of Bitcoins you earn for your mining efforts is dictated by the hardware you have. Weather you are using an APU, GPU, or CPU to mine. Dont worry almost any computer can mine money online like bitcoin. Some computer setups can mine more efficiently then others. In-fact, their are some machines out their that are entirely built around Bitcoin mining. Most individuals mining Bitcoins choose to join a mining Pool. A mining pool is a group of people that mine the same bitcoin blocks working toward a common goal to solve the same problem. By mining the same blocks together blocks are solved much quicker. The bitcoins earned (usually blocks of 25) are then divided between the users in the group based on work done. To break it down. If you solve 1% of the computations you receive 1% of the Bitcoins. Sometimes the group takes a fee off the top. This all sounds confusing right, I mean creating these virtual bitcoins from virtual computations. But it works and is a real easy way to make money online. The way the currency is controlled is by making the mathematical computations harder and harder to solve. You do not have to solve these computations as an individual. The problems are solved automatically for you with software. enough already, how Do I actually make money online with Bitcoins.

Its easy.

1.) Setup your Bitcoin Wallet

2.) Join a Bitcoin Pool. (Slush Pool or Full list )

3.) Download and setup guiMiner ( This does the work)

4.) Earn BitCoin$

5.) Exchange BitCoin$ for Dollars

6.) Profit

It may be beneficial to purchase a BitCoin mining machine

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