Mail Once Only Delivered By Man Or Woman

Once upon a time Mail a simple letter was delivered by hand within a perspective amount of privacy intended . Many fines and or criminal charges were placed for those whom interfered with the postal mail but the delivers of such mail were willing to risk life or limb just to deliver such items ( rain or shine ) . But now even though the essential postal service still exists the digital age barks at there heals .

Many companies and or the common person as well as state and government entities have gone totally digital . Me I still see the U.S. Postal service to be one of the most secure operations But wen it comes to budget cuts to most going digital has the most least effect over employment loss . The chiseled out sections of the laws for the postal delivery services were not easy to come by but one thing kinda of was common sense you do not open someones mail and read it . As time had went by there were and are many laws not permitting this without warrant and the cost is very high to imprisonment and or fines . But what about the new age digital mail is it any different do the same privacy laws apply ?
For those whom wish to see more history on the postal men and woman hero’s I give you straight out of the archives of wikipedia MAIL CARRIER .

Mail in the digital Age

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail the digital side of mail .

Mail in the digital age is great you do not have to leave home or take your eyes of the device and if your at work well it amounts to more production for the employer from the employee . But in the E-Mail digital world there are a lot of protections and the ability to use encryption and scanning of viruses but is this enough ? If we take and crumble up all of Mail service protection that were written to protect us in the paper world how is this protection at all and how could it take place ? Before we discover how this could take place we need to know ware it is occurring . If you have not figured it out yet try and say it with me ( Do you Yahoo ) that is right Yahoo was stuck in the midst of a fierce court battle you may be saying ( OMG I use Yahoo ) or ( FEW I do not use Yahoo ) . Hold your gestures back people because were all in this together and I can almost say for sure YAHOO is not alone in there scanning and reading of E-Mail . In order to get your feet wet in this evasive action to invade privacy and collect DATA please see the following article straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you INTERNET PRIVACY .


Mail Yahoo Update

It is no doubt Yahoo would agree to not scanning E-Mail while in transit .
One must ponder the question did they know of the upcoming push for stronger encryption .
The stronger encryption will not allow scanning during transit putting a stop to what they had agreed to already .
please see the following article straight out of the archives of techcrunch i give you HELPING TO KILL HTTP .



In Conclusion

So how could this even be possible and what could they be thinking ? Well these are good questions and I myself do not have all the answers but from an assumable view point I think it has something to do with possession that is supposedly 9/10th of the law . For example but not limited to : you send an E-Mail it arrives at a server destination so whom owns the sever could construe they own the DATA under the laws of Possession or totally denied they do . In any event if I am right on our totally off my rocker there is one thing for sure there will be plenty of monkey see monkey do as it relates to Privacy and DATA . So what is one to do ? One could say up your encryption but these most savvy companies are kings of decrypting and hold all the keys kind of like being in a rigged poker game . For the best suggestion I can come with well if your sending highly critical information it may be time to rethink your strategy and return to the U.S. postal services . And just maybe this is the time for the postal service to stand up and take note and put back proper protection where it is needed in America who knows . Have a nice day riding the wave of MAIL ONCE ONLY DELIVERED BY MAN OR WOMAN I am out .

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