Linux Containers LXC And LXD

Linux containers

Most may have never heard of Linux containers and some that have been using Linux for years may be lost to the term . And most likely a windows user is thinking what the heck is this term and why should I care . With all the hand shaking between Microsoft and Linux as well as other companies these terms are a must know in order to survive within the multi OS Tech world .


Linux container structure

whether your new to Linux or old learning about Linux containers is a must





This information contained in this document is for everyone from the most feeble hacker to the most professional business man or women . If this is a starting point for you and in reading or learning about this you feel lost just take a deep breath and grab what is pertinent and the rest should follow in time . Most IT professionals work cross platform so these things are a must know LXD being the newest .

What are Linux Containers

Linux container

Linux containers is what makes things move keeping it all secure

LXC according to wikipedia is a virtualization system at a operating system level capable of running multiple Linux systems that are isolated on a single host . Most windows users might be thinking we already have a virtual machine and although this maybe true most windows users have either switched to Linux or are running a duel OS ( Linux and Windows ) . And in some cases Linux and Microsoft have met in some fashion of merger-ship . Bringing the LXC to a new need to know functionality .
For the totally unaware and the people who wish to do some quick brushing up I have found a couple of nice websites to bring us up to speed in the world of LXC . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you what is LXC . That link was just to get your feet wet and your taste buds churning and this next site straight out of the archives of z900collector I give you the INTRODUCTION TO LINUX CONTAINERS . To further explain LXC I have found this nice little video please enjoy .




There is so much that is involved with LXC I am using this article to bring the basic information to the four front so as a hacker or IT professional be prepared to read between the lines and have your eyebrows lifted high . If all this has rendered your antennas and your signals are zoned in I give you further explanation of LXC and how to install and really get your feet wet .
Straight out of the archives of Ubuntu I give you LXC . In learning all this new information or maybe being in tune with this and utilizing the functionality of LXC are there things that threaten to hamper LXC ? Well according to venturebeat there are at least three things that may hamper LXC .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of venturebeat I give you THREE THINGS TRYING TO KILL LINUX CONTAINERS .

Linux containers to LXD

Linux LXD

LXD the new kid on the block for Linux with Hyper speed applicaition

LXD surly the new kid on the block but truly not a replacement for LCX but more of an added infrastructure . The Linux Container Hyporviser , this baby by the sound and look is going to set companies and developers into a hyper speed faster than the star trek enterprise with the ability of deployment . So just what is LXD ? For this and how to install and utilize straight out of the archives of Ubuntu I give you the LINUX CONTAINER HYPORVISER . To further your knowledge I am bringing you a couple of videos the first is from 2014 the announcement of LXD and the capabilities please sit back and enjoy .




The second video explains further of what LXD is if your new bare with the redundancy once this guy gets going what he says will drop your jaw and raise both your eyebrows .





In Conclusion

So there is a lot that I did not talk about but keep in mind this article is really based on bringing people to a knowledgeable four front . As we grow in the technical field and begin projects whether new to the field or old we often wonder where do we begin . And remember it dose not matter how minor you are in the TECH area you are eventually going to need to know this information . Maybe your building a new business or you already have a prominent one but are realizing that customers are either multi OS ing or are plain out using Linux .
Have a nice day riding the wave of the LINUX CONTAINER I am out .

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