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Tethering we have all probably heard of the term by now , it can be exciting , fun and sometimes down right costly if it is not done under the proper circumstances .
So if you haven’t heard of tethering or you just want a minor brush up I will refer you two wikipedia .
So straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you tethering .


Google has decided to take tethering two a whole other level two which I am calling extreme tethering .
The plain is two take a wind turbine generator and place it high into the air were the prevailing winds are at there peak for long periods of time without a earth connecting base .

Extreme Tethering

So what would this Technology look like well this is a good question ?
For this I have found a nice video to give us all a clearer picture so enjoy .

But you say wait we already have wind turbines earth base connected and I say yes this is true but it appears they rain havoc on birds and clutter up the surrounding vegetative areas where as the tethered brother would be let up then retracted wen not in use but lets take a look at them in this video enjoy .

The next question is were did I here about this well it was from none other than venturebeat .
According two venturebeat these tethered electric producers should be capable of producing more power and be a none bird killing as well as less environmentally cloturing and or hazardous .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of venturebeat I give you Google’s Extreme Tethering .

In Conclusion

Will this Extreme tethering be our next big power resource ?
Will it cut down or even stop the unneeded deaths two the bird community ?
I am also led to believe that this new Technology is tied into Google’s plains two bring the Internet to places that have none via WI/FI hot air balloons or roving aircraft so it may be a kill two birds with one stone ( Forgive the pun ) .
But who nows and yet so many unanswered questions .
Peace have a great day riding the GOOGLE EXTREME TETHERING wave I am out .

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