Kdenlive Video Production And Editing

Kdenlive video Production


Although this article is about kdenlive and producing and video editing it should be thought of as much more . For example in all my videos I talk about the power of Linux and how you can use kdenlive for an advertising tool . Linux and Ubuntu using kdenlive is my choice of tools to use in order to get the job done but the more important fact here is what are you doing ? There are many who own there own business and are seeing profits fall but they do not look to see where they can make improvements .

Kdenlive is not the only video producing tool out there but it is a really good one the bottom line is if you have a business and it is spinning the wheels wipe off the tears and do something . Create innovate achieve and one of the best ways to do this is advertising this is were kdenlive can come in to bring awareness and promote your Business product or website . Maybe you have already been doing videos well look at other ways to restructure and improve call meetings ask opinions gear up doing nothing means nothing in return .

Kdenlive adding text and images to title Clips

Adding text and images to title clips gives the great opportunity to advertise for your company or another company . Please enjoy this grephaxs original video .


Although I mentioned it is best to do your title clips wen your ready to implement them if you can decide on a permanent beginning and end for your videos you could create them and then render them for that purpose .

Rendering in Kdenlive

One the most important things in kdenlive is rendering and can be the most time consuming but rendering dose not necessarily mean final project . Sometimes I will render 3 or 4 times before I get to the final render for example but not limited to I might be satisfied how the project has progressed render and then add more to it later . Please enjoy this next grephaxs original straight out of the archives of grephaxs how to render in kdenlive .



Once you have become comfortable with kdenlive you can move on to doing bigger projects like adding your own art work .

Creating scrolling adds and adding art work in Kdenlive

Once you have become comfortable with kdenlive you can start adding your own art work and the way I have chose to do this is to use a program called Gimp . Gimp is another amazing Linux program I have not done any videos on Gimp although I plan to at some point . Please enjoy the following video straight out of the archives of grephaxs and another original how to create title clips for scrolling adds in kdenlive .



You can also use edit end to cause other effects but I felt with this preliminary function it would be enough to get anyone up and going . There are so many other things that can be done with kdenlive if your new to Linux or you think you would like to try kdenlive you can download it from the software center . Or you can visit the kdenlive developers website so straight out of the kdenlive archives I give you the kdenlive developers website .

In Conclusion

Kdenlive is a free open source program good for beginners or experts for play or the most serious of businessmen and women . The time is now for rebirth and revitalization as a business owner website promoter product distributor the time is now to do something different and pick it up a notch .
These are only a few videos grephaxs has produced to see more please visit and subscribe to are video channel . The best way to do this is look for our youtube icon at the top of this website this will bring you directly to our youtube channel then click the subscribe icon .
Have a great day and have fun riding the wave of KDENLIVE I am out .

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