Issues With i OS8 1 And 2

i OS 8.0.1


Ever since the update iOS8.0.1 came available I downloaded and started using it and continued even tho they had pulled the update utilizing my 4gs .
The problems with my I phone have Ben minuscule partly to which may be due to my low usage to the common user .

Battery Issues

First off I use a Mophie case to which gives me an extra 8 hours of battery life and phone protection and I can not see how others do without this from the battery stand point .
Heres one thing I have learned about conserving battery life from the get go of owning an I phone and I have owned a few models .
1 ) Store APPs These seem to play a big role in battery usage .
Contributing factors of this I am thinking but are not limited to are .
A ) Growth of the APP ( some people say size doesn’t matter lol but in this case I think it dose temporarily ) .
B ) Change in functionality of APP I. E. Updates until smoothed out .
A good example of this function would be Facebook being they are one of the larger companies to readjust there activity and behavior such as ( there auto play for video ) wen they maid that change I am not sure but there were many complaints because even on just a 4g network data and battery life was being used intrusively without the awareness of the user if this is the first time your hearing of this there is a fix threw the settings on your I phone . ( click on settings scroll down to Facebook APP click on it scroll down to auto play make sure WI/FI only is selected ) .
This may also help with some Facebook crashes .
2 ) On board APPs you know the APPs that come pre installed on a said phone these to gain reconstruction resizing and a ramification of functionality to me it appears this will be a continual problem not only with apple but with any phone or company you go with .

For Best Results

From my experience for best results don’t let APPs control you but control the APPs .
The way I have found two do this is quit simple and takes little time .
Close out of all unnecessary APPs and if your using certain APPs amongst a WI/FI area before leaving close the APP before leaving this assures two things or at least it should .
1 ) No unintentional data usage .
2 ) No extra battery usage while running in the background .
The way this is accomplished on a 4gs ( Double click on the bottom center function button , this will give you a row of all open APPs , swiping upward on any said APP closes the APP whether it be a store APP or on board APP that came with the phone or OS ) .
And from a common scene standpoint any device running off a battery the less functions running in the background the less power usage ( APPs + function ( background or other wise ) = usage ) .


Although I am a minute user of my I phone I have experienced some issues .
So the one issue I have experienced since the update for the OS came out safari dose not display the proper video on some articles .
And BTW I am now running OS 2 .
It had Ben suggested to me by someone in the programming field that maybe safari was trying to be two smart but I am not to sure .
Actions taken two try to eliminate the problem .
1 ) Refresh Browser and the result of this action ( cleared problem until returning to the page )
2 ) Total reboot of phone power off the result of this action ( no change )
3 ) Clearing browser and data info the result of this action ( the problem cleared temporarily and returned after time )
But like I said I am a minuscule user and there are many people who are experiencing tremendous amounts of issues .

i OS 8.0.2


In the use of apple I phone I know many others that do the same and some have jumped ship and some are patiently waiting to get some type of all clear and the dust to settle .
I run across all kinds of people from but not limited to people who cant understand why they cant update from McDonald’s WI/FI from not knowing were the settings button is to accomplish a said update .
But I do know some highly educated heavy I phone users using a I phone 5 and I asked one of them for a comment sense his update to the new OS and I quote ( My experience has Ben good . Directly after the update my phone was running really slow , it felt choppy . A reboot resolved that . Not sure I like how they organized the photos but that may be just because I am not use to it . The new predictive text doesn’t seem to help me any . I did think it was cool that I could easily send a voice text now . )
As well I did do some quick looking around on the net to see what the other concerns were some are saying to be patient and wait until OS 3 comes along and trying to discourage 4sg users but who knows what side of the plate one is standing on .
So without further delay I give you 5 complaints of OS 8 straight out of the archives of blog two which I found highly informative .

In Conclusion

So as you can see there are no clear pictures , regardless the main things that can be done in these situations and ever since the first user friendly components came about is learn about your device what makes it tick and remain com .
For it is up to you and yes I said ( YOU ) because you are your administrator of your device and knowledge is power so empower your self take the time to learn do your homework .
Have a great day surfing the OS wave no matter which one it is peace I am gone .

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