iPhone 5 Wen Production Goes Wrong

Or gets Sloppy

Imagine you have The iPhone 5 but you run into some issues and either you do not have insurance or the company that holds the insurance tells you even with the insurance it will cost to much to repair.

A friend of mine had came by one evening an stated his iPhone 5 kept having problems connecting to the INTERNET as well as his other APP’s like facebook .


I Phone 5 antenna Problems

I had remembered briefly reading an article wen the iPhone 5 came out something about an antenna issue I can not remember what company wrote it probably gizmag or endgaget .
But I decided to Google search the term just for laughs .
And that is wen my jaw hit the floor as my monitor grab both those old tooth picks and raise both eyebrows to there peak .

The most amazing  iPhone 5 Repair Site

Yup that is right with a total break down of the  iPhone 5 and an easy to use diagnostic guide .
There a couple of things to keep in mind before attempting any such repair or for that matter any repair .
1 ) Remember this is intricate work ( a ) keep calm ( b ) bigger hands could cause minor problems .
2 ) Make sure everything adds up ( if your trying to make a repair but something looks different stop and consider why and this will minimize error ) .
3 ) Review all material prior to attempting any repair .
The other thing about this site it contains other links on the diagnostic and repair of other phones at the very bottom of there blog .
Once you review some of the repair procedures you might notice it requires a little soldering but like I said do not panic .
I have you covered check out an earlier article I wrote called Hacker Gamer Alert 3 – D and learn how to solder .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of brokenlcds I give you the I Phone 5 Repair and diagnostic guide .

iPhone 5 Diagnostic

The iPhone 5 Diagnostic or for that matter any smart Phone Diagnostic is the most intriguing to me .
The reason I find this so intriguing and exciting is these types of step by step diagnostics gives any smo Joe or Nancy sue the opportunity to diagnose there own device and make fixes were appropriately needed .

In Conclusion

My self I run with the iPhone 4 GS and love it and have no issues and I sport a Mophie battery man one of the best investments I every maid with an extra 8 hours of battery life .
What also excites me about the iPhone 5 Diagnostic and repair is this I am sure will open the gaits for someone to start there dream baby repair center .
Have a great day ridding the iPhone 5 Diagnostic and repair wave I am out .

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