Injection SQL For Hackers And Security Teams

Injection hack or hole sometimes noted Back-Door

The term injection will most likely cause some to cringe because of the mere image placed in there head of a needle some medical official is about to inject into your body . Although this may or may not be true this is not the type of injection we will be discussing in this article as you may have picked up from the title . In this article we will be talking about SQL injections to which the mere notation will cause a similar cringe effect to but not limited to organizations , web developers and security teams alike .


Injection for hackers and security teams

Some back-doors are left open allowing SQL injection .



This article is being written for educational purposes only all the information contained herein is easily accessible on the web and has mainly only partial instruction of said functions . Being that said any use or implementation in regards to the information provided Grep Haxs nor there affiliates can be held liable . In other words if you try to use any of these procedures whether on yourself or others proceed at your own risk . The term hole or Back-Door is mentioned for the simple fact that some security teams and or organizations have been heard of at times not correcting them because of the ease to collect DATA .

SQL Injection

Injection for hackers and security teams

Outdated systems and improper coding can lead to easy SQL injection

The mere conversation publicly has not been around for to long I think wikipedia stated around the year 2000 so being still in some what of an infancy stage is kind of what inspired me to write this . There are many ways to protect against such an attack and some boils down to common sense and the other good code and the implementation of the code . SQL is not the only injection process nor the only place hacks are implemented from but it is what we will try to focus on in this article . So just what is a SQL Injection ? In the most simplest terms I can think of it is a hack used to find a vulnerability in code in order to manipulate the code in so to receive information that is not yours . For a more detailed look straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you SQL INJECTION . How can you protect yourself from such an attack ? This is a hard question to answer in itself being we are all different and hold different places in the world as well as the workforce therein . Being that you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader is the important one here I believe by reading this you have taken the first initial steps . No matter what type of a business man or woman you are whether you develop websites or you just run a site selling items and hired a security team being knowledgeable is a plus . Using proper code and pen testing as well as code scanning are all good tools and keeping an ear to the ground . If you thoroughly reviewed the last wikipedia page you should have noticed a link to OWASP but encase you missed it straight out of the archive of wikipedia I give you the OPEN WEB APPLICATION SECURITY PROJECT .

Injection Update

I thought it would be a good idea to ad the OWASP home page for those interested just encase you like the opportunity to get involved .
Straight out of the archives of OWSAP i give you the OWSAP HOMEPAGE .
Also straight out of there archives i give you the TOP TEN THREATS FOR 2013 .


Implementation of the Injection

Injection for hackers and security teams

Being knowledgeable about SQL injection terms and behaviors can be a plus

Understanding how such an attack and or implementation occurs can be a plus whether your talking to your security team or your seeking advice wen things go wrong do to such an attack . Please enjoy the following video on SQL injection .





Maybe your in need of a professional website or some good solid advice concerning web development and or software development please see the following link . Straight out of the archives of Dynamic Bit I give you DYNAMIC BIT TECHNOLOGIES .

In Conclusion

Sometimes these issues are caused by utilizing outdated systems that are no longer supported and do not have the capability to utilize the latest security standards . Leaving all kinds of holes or Back-Doors although there are some back-doors in even the newest code and or programmed systems known to some Organizations and security teams . All kept hush hush until the exploit is used seen and brought forth and other replacement back-doors come about to replace the said function in order to accumulate DATA . There are some in the government whom think they should be the landlord with the GOLDEN key and in doing so would allow the closing of such a hushed back-door syndrome within our society .
One thing is for sure you should never give up your dream and as I well know your and my struggle is real . I hope you have a nice day riding the wave of INJECTION FOR HACKERS AND SECURITY TEAMS I am out .

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