IBM Strikes Deal With SAP SE

Sap SE


Who is Sap SE ?
According to wikipedia they are one of the largest software companies in the world .
But what dose Sap SE stand for well once again according to wikipedia which says a lot is Application , products and data processing .
So without further delay I give you SAP SE straight out of the archives of  wikipedia .

Sap Hana

And we must not forget about SAP HANA form what I could make out Sap Hana is part of Sap SE and very impressive I might add with the ability to handle high transaction rates and complex query processing on the same platform .
So check it out straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you SAP HANA .


IBM had Ben losing sales for the past four quarters do two the lack of interest in there hardware .
By joining hands with SAP SE its like a win , win situation for both companies and consumers .
IBM will gain revenue for use of there servers cloud base and ASP SE will get there software to the customer quickly .
But wait theres more two this deal its like kill three birds with one stone excuse the pun .
In this deal customers will be able to only pay for what or how much they use bringing a tremendous savings to the customer .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of I give you the IBM / SAP SE deal .

In Conclusion

To me this seems to be a very good business move for all parties concerned and I feel there something to learn hear .
Whether you own a small business or a multi million dollar corporation keep your eye on your business as if it were a body and all parts must function adequately and wen parts of the body fails bringing it to a loss it should be put into a therapeutic review with the fingers thinking out of the box in order to bring in the collaborating revenues to make things function properly .
I can not speak for IBM or SAP SE because I am not a representative of either organization but it dose appear to me they are working close to a business formula similar to this .
Peace have a great day surfing the IBM / SAP SE wave I be out .

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