Hydrogen Most Abundant Chemical In The Universe

Wen most think Hydrogen an explosion maybe Envisioned

But really there is a lot more about Hydrogen that we do not think of . Such as the availability and were it appears on the periodic table . As well as The availability of the said compound . Some still think that being the availability and abundance . This could possibly bring it into the realms of the next clear and clean fuel for centuries to come . There are also many ways to create Hydrogen . Some cleaner than others but any way you look at it a lot of heat is required . This is where the great debate for this clean and abundant supply comes into play . For example it makes no sense to use a dirty fuel to create a clean one although it is one way .

Hydrogen explosion

Wen most think Hydrogen they think explosion .

So the question remains if this is a pliable Idea how should it be done ? Whom would take the lead for such experiments ? These are all good questions and as we know with today’s climate issues every scientist is on deck whether for Hydrogen or other clean and efficient energy product capabilities .

Just what is Hydrogen

Hydrogen and the power

For an easy understanding of Hydrogen .

What is Hydrogen ? Well like I said it is one of the most abundant chemicals in the universe . In order to pull it into perspective for you . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you WHAT IS HYDROGEN . Being it is so abundant it would only make sense to tap in and utilize such a gracious product . The product would never run out and it appears there would be plenty for everyone . But if you live in a country where somethings are out of reach would that stop you ? Well the Germans have spoken load and clear there answer “ NINE “ . That is right the Germans have pushed forward to discover this great power . Of possible clean energy for the future as well as other experiments . Even though the struggle would appear to be out of there reach . As the whole product and development of there research evolved around the sun . Straight out of the archives of new atlas I give you ARTIFICIAL SUN .

Could there be issues with Hydrogen

Hydrogen problems

There can be problems with Hydrogen .

Well yes but not to say they can not be overcome see this next video on Hydrogen and the possible reaction .

In Conclusion

Would this be the greatest Idea ever or could it end up as a great failure . Only time shall tell this story but one thing is for sure at least the Germans are trying and even though the sun did not play fairly they are not giving up . Have a nice day while riding the wave of HYDROGEN MOST ABUNDANT CHEMICAL IN THE UNIVERSE .

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