Health Monitoring

The Smart Age


It Seems we have Ben in the smart age for a quit some time now .
There are smart phones , smart cars and ( Watches , Bracelets , necklaces , houses ) you name it the list goes on and on .
And I would hate to mention that most often than not frustration can build sometimes wen we ask our self ( This stupid devices is smart at what ) ?
As we move further into the smart age or dare I say smart generation the health industry has jumped on board the smart age wagon trying to bring health monitoring techniques in order to catch problems in there early stages and monitor ongoing existing problems such as but not limited to heart disease , high blood pressure and diabetics .

BioSensive Technologies

BioSensive Technologies is a startup company behind a project that has created a smart earring that monitors a persons bodily functions and has the capability of reporting to any blue tooth device .

The Startup

With any startup company or idea you need one thing and that is money whether it be for production or marketing purposes .
And as you will see BioSensive Technologies is no different as a Canadian base company they chose a program called kickstarter to gather there funds for production and or marketing of there smart earring .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of Engadget I give you the smart earring .


So I was wondering what was kickstarter so I turned to wikipedeia for a quick answer .
According to wikipedia kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform .
And its mission is to bring creative projects to life .
They boast a total of 135 , 000 projects .
Ranging in all sorts of categories ( Films , Music , Stage Shows , Comics , Journalism , Video Games , Food Related Projects ) .
And for people who donate two a kikstarter program ( Crowdfunding ) they are offered tangible rewards .
So if you have a good idea or have a struggling company that needs a lift up you should give it a shot even if the idea or company dose not fit into the categories mentioned it is still worth a shot .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you kickstarter .

In Conclusion

A word of warning these programs kickstarter ( Crowdfunding ) have there ways to determine a phony and fraudulent company or idea and I have heard of some that were kicked from such programs for those type of activities .
But these programs are designed to bring your dreams to life .
And one other point if it is a new idea make sure to do your home work for patents to assure your idea stays in your hands .
Peace I am out .


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