Hacking The Space Spectrum



Thats right folks a company in Japan must have Ben talking to Sueloo ( probably spelled that wrong ) but you know from ( Star Trek ) because there up to some Trekkie kinda stuff well almost .

Elevator Into Space

You read it right not quit the beam me up Scottie but hey its a start .
They say it will take approximately seven days to reach its destination to the space station .
Imagine seven days in an elevator , I mean how would it all go down or up ?
Would they put you to sleep or would you carry on Quint conversations as the stars go by ?

Made of Nanotubes

They say it would be made out of Nanotubes .
But a few questions enter my mind .
1 ) How would they maintain such a structure ?
2 ) Would it remain as a permanent structure or have to be reattached eating up all savings ?
3 ) How will satellite and other debris play a roll and how will they be avoiding them ?
So many questions and so few answers at this time but still I say bravo .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of engadget I give you the Space Elevator .


In Conclusion

So they say Carbon Nano Technology is the ticket but that whole ( carbon ) thing just creeps me out .
But hey who am I to say , let us know what you think leave a comment .
Peace have a great Space surfing day I be out .

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