Hacking The Space Junk Yard



There are more and more companies launching Satellites from government to cable companies .
All ranging with high price tags around $500 million dollars a peace .




There are several companies that have started projects to protect ongoing Satellite clutter we have going on .
One suggests a laser the other a netting technology to burn up old Satellites in earths orbit .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you the space junk yard .







In Conclusion

Is the laser the best way to go , I mean what if it misses and hits something it shouldn’t ?

And netting , netting and burning it up in our atmosphere will this have any adverse effects in the atmosphere itself ?
I would think recovery and salvage would be the better operation and in turn it could bring us into focus with space exploration separating space Debris from mans Debris enabling us to enhance our search for other life forms .
But who am I to decide for I am just a writer with a thought it is up to you yes I said ( YOU ) and the rest of the scientific community to decide .
Peace have a great day surfing I am out .


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