Hacking The Medical Field


Miracle powder

Imagine you get your finger tip cut off and the Doctor says here apply this powder and it over time just regrows the whole finger back including all finger prints .
This is all possible and may work with many other organs such as but not limited to legs , heart and lungs .


Welcome Two The Matrix

Dang another one sounding like it is straight out of a sifi flick But this is called Extra Cellular Matrix Developed at the University of Pittsburgh the institute for Regenerative Medicine .
It is like a dream come true in the midst of medical advancement .
So without further delay straight out of the archives singularityhub I bring you the Matrix .






In Conclusion

Could you even imagine the implications of this advancement .
Whole legs , hearts , backs and lungs etc. regrown to there original state and possibly to a rejuvenated state .
Could this be the fountain of youth so many have searched for ?
Who knows one can only ponder .
Peace have a great day surfing the Matrix I be gone .


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